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Found 6 results

  1. This place has been on the radar for a while now but never got the chance to properly take a look. The dome itself can be seen for quite a few miles across the surrounding areas. Not a great deal of information available other than it looks like some sort of water treatment site/reservoir possibly used by the MOD, given the land its situated on. It doesn't appear to be fully derelict either as you can still here the sound of running water and the grass seems to be trimmed. The explore went as planned, few dog walkers here and there, other than that spent a little while looking around.
  2. UK Thetford Cottage Hospital

    Thetford Cottage Hospital March 2016. Pictures taken on a Samsung galaxy s6 edge no camera for personal safety (squatters and crackheads resident) A lone explore with lee... Call it bravery.... Call it utter stupidity.... I did it and alone.. The hospital thats triggered my fancy for over 2 years after seeing various reports from great explorers i did it myself. It was a great explore inside and despite warnings my curiosity got the better of me. The hospital inside despite years of neglect, damage & decay is fairly nice a rather decent scale and still intact to say the least and a lot bigger than it appears outside. Various items or equiptment and other things clutter the rooms and halls whilst having that feel of your being watched is stuck in the back of your mind but despite this call it idiotic or bravery i ventured in...... Vacant rooms and decaying corridors are what i found as well as some inhabitants upstairs. Vacant peeling corridor. Signs for different practices. Reception areas. Treatment rooms. Various smashed up units Before the stairs. The old X- Ray table The X- Ray Camera Medical Supplies Left. equiptment left behind. What was this room? now Storage area Although i loved it Nothing and i state nothing could prepare me for what i was about to see upstairs. The stairs have a putrid smell of poor personal hygiene and urine and crap like a old tramp thats not cleaned his rear or changed his clothes in 10 years (can you imagine that)? The rooms upstairs are cluttered with large bottles of cider and bottled beer, clothing, manky old matteresses and more so clearer the place is inhabitied by homeless or illegal substance users, spent needled on the carpet and other various items, i ventured in further (sadly no pics i had to stay alert) Upon opening one door i heard a loud aaargghhhhhhhhh you fucking cunt im going to cut your fucking throat in which i didnt stop to find out who it was or challenge it further......but then who would?? Here is a bit of history i found from the local paper.... It was one of the first hospitals in the country to buy an x-ray machine and helped thousands of Norfolk patients over its more than 100 year history. But a Victorian hospital in Thetford closed its doors for the last time yesterday as officials prepared for a new health care era on the outskirts of the town centre. A question mark now hangs over the future use of Thetford Cottage Hospital with fears that the historic redbrick building will be demolished to make way for housing. The antiquated town centre facility completed its last appointments before being mothballed yesterday as health officials put the finishing touches to a new £4.5m one stop health shop, which opens next week . The old cottage hospital, in Earls Street, was built in the late 1800s and was given to the people of the town by the Fison family and William Gentry, who claimed a penny a week for rent. Over the years, the building received many extensions, including an x-ray wing, which was dedicated to the men of Thetford, who died in the Great War between 1914 and 1918. In 1969, the hospital ceased inpatient beds, but still retained key services such as x-ray, physiotherapy, family planning, and other outpatient clinics until its closure, which was marked with an 'end of era' party last night and attended by about 50 past and present members of staff.
  3. So by now most of you have seen Raz's report, here my version of events Quick drive not so far from us and a walk through what i can only describe as a Jurrasic like British "rain forrest" by the side of the river Aire led us to a nice looking drain, it stank like hell and for a while im pretty much certain i was stood in raw sewage... great stuff Heres some photos; And to finish; a little light painting Cheers for looking
  4. Myself and Raz went down a cool drain in Leeds last night, read Raz's report here; http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/9536-Knostrop-treatment-works-outlet-Leeds-July-2015?p=79018#post79018 Press HD - Little walk about Video doesnt do the smell justice I have enough photos for a report but ill save them for the near future Nice little mooch about and thanks for looking
  5. Having stumbled across a report from a couple years back and after a little bit of research later that evening me and Matt had a short drive over to Leeds to check out the "LOL drain" It's not that long but does have some nice bits and having only been in meanwood beck and the tunnels under roundhay park it was nice to see a place where you could admire the brickwork without scraping your head along the roof! Looking towards the River Aire Once you reach the end of the first tunnel you are greeted by this junction This bit did split off into a few separate smaller parts but after matt had a look in one and came back out feeling light-headed and feeling sick we quickly got out of that part Under the black gate things at the junction it opens up for a short while then back into a nice curved part Couple from the walk back out Cheers for looking
  6. Ok I visited this place a while back. Its located at Forenss at Palm Bay. Currently still in use this was a live site when explored. It is owned by Sothern Water and used to treat waste water before sending it out to sea via outfall pipes. We were amazed at the size of this place, its huge and on two underground levels. As we walked through the plant we could see and hear all the machinery working away and were amazed to find there were no active alarms, cameras or security. All the electrics were working and the lights were on making it a great place to photograph. This was built and extended as part of the Thanet waste water treatment programme.