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Found 4 results

  1. Norway Truck. 2014.

    I happened to find an abandoned truck. Just some photos.
  2. Belgium Red Fire Truck Hospital - July 2013

    Following on from Stussys report the other week, heres my take on the place. It was getting late after a long day and to be honest I wanted the fire engine and that was about it, however, the place has a bit of charm about it, and I we caught it as the sun was going down so the light turned out nice in some shots. next 2 taken 30 mins apart, shows what difference the light can do I`ve only 2 more reports to put up from Belgium then I`m done you`ll be glad to hear........... until I go back in November Cheers The Baron
  3. After setting up camp for the first day, we headed here to the derpy hospital with the infamous red fire truck as the sun was setting. With locals in their garden having a BBQ, we tried to be stealthy, but soon gave up as the fire truck was in clear view of them. They didn't even bat an eyelid at us thankfully. Thanks for looking
  4. Yet another little find i found quite by accident, loved this place. The old Fodens and Guy trucks were epic! Splored with Miss.anthrope [ Thank you muchlys for looking x