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Found 1 result

  1. Heres a quick heads up from me If your looking for something with a little more guts then there is this It claims 3,800 Lumens again as mike mentioned above i doubt this very much. It takes 18650 battery's which come in all price ranges and mAh outputs,i wont pretend to fully understand the mAh but in a nut shell its all about the length of time a battery will power your torch I would suggest paying that little bit extra for decent trusted brand names as ebay has many that aren't what they say they are,Trouble with these batts is they can be unstable so try and get ones that are protected against over charging or discharging as they can split and leak! This torch can take 2 or three 18650's depending if you have the extension tube which can be purchased around £5 which in short means longer life but not brighter beam. Downfalls on this torch are the burn time isn't that great at its brightest so in my case i use this for lighting big areas on short bursts. Build quality for a Chinese torch is excellent and this one of mine has been dropped many times and has never died yet! Price wise its about 27 pound with the 18650's and charger £22 on amazon with out!! heres a quick example of a short burst of light using a 5 second exposure in a large area I would recomend this for use in large and smaller areas where you just need to see where your putting your feet..Top tip buy spare battery's as they don't last long


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