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Hello guys,:)

We are from Slovakia in the middle of Europe. Our specialisation is shooting only in the midlle of the night!

Yesterday we have started our new channel. Also we have added our first video. It includes old abandoned water tower in the still going chemical industry-Istrochem in Bratislava-Slovakia. 

Our next video will be from Abandoned secret Military Area ;) so please  feel free to watch, subscribe or leave a critizing comment. Our next video will be from Abandoned secret Military Area ;) and that you want to see ! :D




Thank you a lot wink1.gif


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    • By radkooo
      hallo, this video is about abandoned swimming pool in Slovakia. It is my first (but not last - soon there will be more) so I hope you like it.
      Thank you.
    • By MrObvious
      I know, Haslar.... Again!

      This place has pretty much become a second home to @TheVampiricSquid and I over the last few months, mainly because the place is slowly but surely being torn apart now...
       The place never disappoints us, and we love giving people tours of the place!
      On one of our recent tours with a couple of non OS members, we'd realised the X-Ray machines were still there, and in immaculate condition, despite being sat there for 7 odd years! 
      I'd never seen these before as they were in a place we never normally go, and I thought they'd been removed, along with the beds etc. 
      We also managed to get back into the water tower while giving another non OS member a tour and snap some shots inside there, unfortunately I was only equipped with my body and fisheye, so the shots are high ISO. 
      The last 3 shots were taken on my phone, so ignore the quality











      Cheers for looking  
    • By Night Urbex
      Hi guys
      after a long period we have made another urbex video, we have tried also music so please feel free to criticise or subscribe :P.
      Newly baroque building from 1910 in Bratislava wasdeclared as cultural monument in 1980, although it is long time abandoned. The house is for sale, but fortunately the owner do not like uninvited visitors. We had to climb up the facade. Nice entrance, a majestic staircase, high ceilings, wooden floors, windows, doors. On each floor there are 2 apartments with more room. The proximity of cemetery and a great location in the old town add this house a special value. 
      Friends took us a long time until we got to the next filming, but I think it is worthwhile smile
    • By Night Urbex
      Hellooou  we have shot up to now most adrenaline video from abandoned chimney in Bratislava. We have captured the panorama from the top of the chimney at our capital. 
      Watch and enjoy
    • By Night Urbex
      Hi there :),
      Our new video from abandoned Lidwig´s mill was shot in the middle of our capital. We have been founding the enter about 30 minutes, it was so secured we were afraid of captured by police, but everything goes well . No one was in the mill for three years. And it was awesome. Till now the best object i was in. In the machine was always a seed. We decided to add also a timelapse and a longer scenes. Video also includes also perscpetcive from the top . 
      Enjoy and please subsrcibe  .


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