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UK Permission Visit - Aldwych Tube Station Feb 16

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Morning all, 

I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket last September for a tour in Feb this year to this abandoned tube station, closed 1994. 

History from google, 

Aldwych is a closed station on the London Underground, located in the City of Westminster in Central London. It was opened in 1907 with the name Strand, after the street on which it is located, and was the terminus of the short Piccadilly line branch from Holborn that was a relic of the merger of two railway schemes. The station building is close to the Strand's junction with Surrey Street, near Aldwych. During its lifetime, the branch was the subject of a number of unrealised extension proposals that would have seen the tunnels through the station extended southwards, usually to Waterloo.

Served mostly by a shuttle train and suffering from low passenger numbers, the station and branch were considered for closure several times. Service was offered only during weekday peak hours from 1962 and finally discontinued altogether in 1994, when the cost of replacing the lifts was considered too high for the income generated.

Disused parts of the station and the running tunnels were used during both world wars to shelter artworks from London's public galleries and museums from bombing. The station has long been popular as a filming location and has appeared as itself and as other London Underground stations in a number of films. In recognition of its historical significance, the station is a Grade II listed building.

After looking at photos of this place, which seems like forever, i couldnt wait to actually go down there myself. Yes, you go down with around 30 people, but i made sure to hang back to take the photos i wanted, and the staff there were ok with that. 

On with the pics:

1. The original lifts, one of the reasons it actually closed

24802643696_fc2c14b781_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

2.Inside the lift

24828918115_2930c11c4d_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

3. At the bottom of the staircase

24828918255_e6886daf20_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

4. One of the old walkways to the platform

24735438861_1c273238e0_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

5. Decay

24735437111_8e5d27abd1_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

6. Aldwych Station sign

24202065953_2021a2e4fe_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

7. Tunnel towards Holborn 

24711049492_8937cd98ce_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

8. Dead end

24533386380_1ff1f25a85_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

9. Orignal track from 1907

24828912855_24b7a77232_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

10. Underground 

24735448171_1a28bf27c7_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

11. Inside the carriage

24202076493_ab38889583_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

12.That famous corridor

24200741244_4ca4abeabe_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

13. Way out

24200733794_a9561b9836_b.jpgAldwych Station by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr

Thanks for looking in. I really enjoyed my hour down there, and i look forward to the next one (I got Charing Cross tour in April) :)


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Nice set, what camera did you use? No dslr's or tripods allowed down there! I've got tickets for next week and Charing in march :smile:

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2 hours ago, Urbexbandoned said:

I was going to swear but I refrained. 

Send me the details for future visits mate, be good to see some of this :) 


Haha, yeah, i shall be sure to let you know


1 hour ago, hamtagger said:

Looks pretty awesome mate, well done for getting the permission sorted, well worth a visit these places :)



Yeah it was very cool, i really enjoyed it. :)

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21 minutes ago, klempner69 said:

Very nice indeedy,I am going in 3 weeks time.

You will enjoy it, obvs dont have the buzz of being somewhere you shouldnt, but enjoyable none the less

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    • By SuZyQue
      This was on the way back from the garden centre, I persuaded my mate to stop by and after climbing through brambles, mud etc we were in, these are fantastic up close, enjoy the pics.
      This was taken from the car on the way there.

      Finally they came into view after a muddy and long walk.

      Up close wow.

      Inside some control room.

      My mate standing next to one of those towers, its huge.

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      I visited this place last year with my daughter whilst visiting relatives, entrance was comical, borrowed a search blaster as we weren't prepared, had a great time, This was still there last time I looked it's in Coleshill, Warwickshire. Enjoy the pics.
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      This ornate work was all around the hall, fantastic.

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    • By SuZyQue
      Visited this place with Lynton, Miss CSI, and SteAlTh last year, it has now been sealed up, but a interesting little explore, Enjoy the pics.My camera wasn't the best then, had a cheap old argos number, the others have better ones.
      The tiny hole we squeezed through.

      Lots of old bottles and rubbish lying about, we think that when pleasurama was on the site they used to put some of there stuff inside this place.

      Lots of carvings in the chalk.

      This was a nice easy explore.
    • By SuZyQue
      This was one of the first explores I did, visited with StEaLtH AND Cavking, the floors were well dodgy and death traps in places, I've got a soft spot for this place, and I actually got some nice pics, anyway enough said, on with the pics.
      One of the corridors, we didn't get any pics of the front of this place as security was very tight and if I remember there hut was right at the front of the building.

      The main hall. The architecture and ceiling were fantastic, very sad that it has got into this state, the architect whose name escapes me designed alot of the asylums in the uk.

      The stage at the back of the hall.

      Peeling paint.

      I just luv this coloured broken glass.

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      A great explore, this place is how I got my exploring jeans as I ripped them on a fence, so have worn them ever since. Enjoy the pics.
    • By superwide
      Me and my brother, littlewide had a really nice explore this morning onto the site of the now closed Snowdown colliery. Loads of building left standing easy access into most of them, this is the deepest mine in Kent at 3000m at its lowest point, apparently at that depth the rock is hot.
      We started having a nose around in a couple of the larger building, there are loads of bits and pieces laying around everything from cranes to miners boots. In the admin building there are contracts of employment laying every where dating from around 1930 until the mid 80's.
      There is one small problem.....security, as we came out from the back of the building marked "opening" we saw them pull up, so after a hasty and covert move away to the slag heap we made our way back toward the buildings on the left, then more security pulled onto the site so we decided to make an exit and plan our next visit a little better.
      Sorry about the pic's my Box brownie is shagged and then half way round the battery's also died. Not sure what all the cloud effects are....maybe the ghosts of past miners.
      I will add some notes to the pics later. Bit short on time at the mo.


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