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Sinister Suspect

Howdy! I'm Sinister Suspect!

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Hey there, I'm Sinister Suspect but you can also call me by my name 'Kaj', I'm from a large working-class city from the Netherlands called Rotterdam and I've been exploring since 2011.
As a kid I always used to play in the abandoned machine factory in my neighborhood, but it was when I bought my first DSLR in 2011 when things really started off.


I never even knew about the whole term 'urban exploring' until 2014, but when I saw that there actually were plenty of other people shooting similar locations I was amazed.
Up until then I had only explored in the Netherlands, but I quickly realized that I had an urbex hotspot just to the south of me: Belgium.

Me and one of my best mates decided to go on a tour and do some spots in Belgium and we had the time of our lives haha.
The weekend after that we bought a second camera for my mate and did another trip, from then I've been completely hooked, constantly in search for possible locations to explore.

So that's how I arrived here, in search for places to share my photos and tell the story about my adventures. So far I'm liking this place a lot!
Some might have seen some of my photos before (I was called 'artfxurbex' first), but I have changed my name to Sinister Suspect for a more coherent feel.


Please leave a like on my Facebook page

Or follow me on Instagram

Or follow me on Flickr

Or take a look on my new website where I post my full location reports


I hope I'm gonna be around here quite often, although I'm quite the busy guy.
For now, I'll include a photo I'm really happy with, shot in a dark basement of an abandoned bathhouse:



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4 minutes ago, -Raz- said:

Nice intro mate look forward to seeing more :D your English is brilliant, better than mine :o

Thanks mate, will post a report soon when I have some time off music work... Yeah I developed my English language because I teach music producers worldwide about how to improve the productions, most of my 'students' (I hate to call them like that xD) are from the US so that's how I got my English language. :)

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4 minutes ago, Curious George said:

Always cool to see another dedicated explorer! 

Even better to start your introduction off with a shot from Alla Italia :D 



Yeah I thought that would be a good one to start with :) Probably post the full report soon.

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27 minutes ago, Lavino said:

Hello Kaj looking foward to some reports from Belgium ...


9 minutes ago, Urbexbandoned said:

Welcome to the forum :) Nice shot you have posted there, hope to see more from you :thumb 

Thanks guys, the warm welcome you guys give me will make me come back for sure!
Much better than TalkUrbex where after 4 days after registration still none of my posts are approved... <_< I ain't got time for that! 

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Just now, jones-y-gog said:

Hi there and welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing the result of your adventures!

PS. I think the name change was a good move :mrgreen:

Yeah it is easier to remember and it kinda suits the dark style of my photos haha :D

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