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The small funeral chapel was an accidental find. The chapel is located a bit seclusively in an area which is off the beaten track anyway. But the area around it appears to be pretty neat. The chapel hardly catches anybody´s  eyes. Only the exact observer will spot it. That might be the reason why the shmall church is still in a pretty good condition. 

You´ll approach and explore a very peaceful place. A metall door, that leads into the cellar, is half-open. You can´t see anything but darkness. I walk by the door and enter the chapel from behind through an open door. As soon as I had entered the chapel, It appeared to me that this place wasn´t an ordinary chapel. It was obviously used as a funeral chapel. The first room you´ll enter is a tiled room, which was apparently used for washing and preparing the bodies before burial. After that you´ll reach the actual chapel. which was used for funeral ceremonies. An old, red carpet is still lying around and a big cross is still painted on the wall. In the attic you´ll find the former staff rooms. 

While my fellow-urbexers were taking their photos in the chapel, I remembered the door leading into the cellar. So I went to explore the cellar on my own. Cellars have never been my favorite place but after knowing about the purpose of this chapel it definitely didn´t help to feel better. I had barely squeezed through the door when I saw the construction on the stairs, which was obviously used for the transportation of the bodies up and down the stairs. Someone had placed a broken cruzifix on it.  I went down the stairs following them into the pitch-dark cellar. I was right in the middle of the former morgue of the chapel. An old apron was hanging on the door, a wooden cross leaning against the wall. Even old utensils for preparing the bodies. In a side room was the former cooling room with the mortuary refrigerator (tightly closed). In the next small room you could find old coffin lids.  My eyes became gradually adjusted to the darkness, which let the place appear less scary. 

When my friends started to capture the cellar, I waited on an old stone bench. It was a wonderfull autumn´s day. I really felt the tranquility of this place. If these walls could talk, this place could tell many stories of grief and goodbyes. Yet, the peacefulness and the location of this place even comforted me. Such a nice place to say good-bye. 









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Wow, this place is right up my street. The write up had me reading all of it for a start then the first picture WOW. It looks amazing, the brickwork, the tables, the history. You have done a great job in capturing it :) Thanks for sharing :thumb 



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