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Hello from St Helens

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Yo peeps I reckon some of you dudes know me already and we have done some epic dicking about!


For those of you who don't know me, Im an explorer nightmare, I hate heights, water, confined spaces, can't climb for shit and not keen on the dark lol. Does any of that stop me though? Hell no! bring on Victoria Arches walk of death, abseiling into power stations, crawling through stupidly smalls spaces underground and generally doing anything idiotic that is fun!


Despite my fears I really love the Catas and underground stuff! Although I hate heights and water with a passion I love the feeling of achievement when I climb stuff or do things that means I have to contend with water! Industrial stuff is my porn! (Cmon who doesn't get a little damp at the thought of turbonz, cooling towers, blast furnaces, hoooooooge pieces of equipment that do stuff that I have no idea about, pipes, dials, steam engines, mills of wonderous loveliness with their epic machinery, water wheels and furnaces,  houses of random secrets and well just frikken everything!


I do a fair bit of rope stuff but can't tie a knot unless its on my shoes, do well to remember how to even set up my descender and you'd think by now after three years of dicking about on ropes I would know a bit more than I do but I don't as well, Im just a little bit to lazy to remember stuff!


More than happy to give most things a go, other than my industrial porn obsession I like pretty much anything, rooftopping, abseiling, caving, climbing, underground, industrial, houses, asylums.


Me in a sentence...."scared of everything, up for anything!" 

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Epic introduction hils, welcome to OS, you guys are pretty amazing and great fun to explore with, never a dull moment and easily some of the nicest people ive met doing this :) 


Let me know if you need anything :) 

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Hey Paradox, welcome to the other side ;) 
We should meet up for a beer soon, you and Jobs dont live far from me! 

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33 minutes ago, The_Raw said:

Yo Hils, good to see you on here and enjoyed the introduction! No mention of nudity though?? You're avin a laugh :P 

Me nudity no way ;) gotta keep some dignity lol (no posting pics of my boobs from last weekend mate!)

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1 hour ago, jones-y-gog said:

Probably the best intro I've seen! Welcome to OS pal




28 minutes ago, Urbexbandoned said:

Welcome to the forum :thumb 

Thanks for the welcome guys :)

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