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USA The American Dream Car Collection - May 2016

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I honestly don't know where to begin with this one.


While travelling the back roads with my two friends one of them said that he had heard a rumour about an old junkyard fairly close to where we were, but that nobody knew if it was true, and if it was true, whether it was still there. So after a fail at another site we thought sod it lets go and see if we can find it. We drove into town and found someone suitably old and wise looking, but he really wasn't all there. After about fifteen minutes of rambling and showing us his own collection of scrap he suddenly seemed to spark into life and said he knew of the guy who owned the place we were looking for, and gave us some very rough directions that seemed to change every time he repeated them to us. He said the owner was 85 years old and in a wheelchair, and 'thinks everything is worth thousands of dollars'. Filled with excitement at the thought we were getting closer to this place we made our goodbyes and headed off, on what was basically a hunch and a few loose directions. We followed what the old guy had told us, turned up this road that didn't appear on any of our satnavs or phone maps and off to our left suddenly car after car began appearing in the woods. Real old stuff from the 1930s and 1940s. We had found it. Somewhere that nobody, not even many of the locals, know exists. Somewhere that has been held to mythical status amongst American car collectors. Somewhere that simply defies belief and shouldn't exist in this day and age.


We roll up unannounced on the property and it's at this point that things can go either way. We will either end up with a gun pointed in our faces or welcomed with open arms. Thankfully it was the latter, my friend went in to speak to the owner and his wife who live in a big static caravan in the yard itself, and after they had apparently told each other their life stories we were in. We were allowed to go anywhere we wanted, take as many photos as we wanted, and spend as long as we wanted on his property. Unlike the one I did in Canada last year which is an active junkyard, this was this one man's lifetime collection of vehicles. As such they have never been raided for parts, the vast majority have their original running gear, chromework and emblems intact. There is some ridiculously rare and desirable cars sat on the property, which is heartbreaking to see at times. We spent five hours wandering around the huge plot of land, and I could have spent five hours more there easily but it was getting dark and rain was setting in at the end of the day. We thanked the owner copiously for allowing us in, and parted ways.


If you could name an American car, truck, or bus from the 1930s to the 1970s it was probably here in some form. I took a ridiculous number of photos so this will probably be quite photo heavy...


























There isn't much left of it, but this is a 1937 Packard Hearse.




















But after five hours of 'holy shit' moments around every corner, there was nothing that matched my friend's reaction to seeing this -




It's a 1938 Hudson Terraplane, an exceptionally, unbelievably rare car in any condition. One it is highly unlikely any of us will ever see again. And there it was, sat in the middle of some woods on this guys property.










There are loads more photos to be found on my Flickr...thanks for looking :)

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Damn what a beauties !!  So sad too see, but very nice that you've got the opportunity to visit this place. 

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