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France Château Bambi-May 16'

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After a whole weekend of exploring, Bambi was one of our last stops before gong back to miserable England and my first trip abroad coming to an end, so we wanted to make this one count.

After doing repetitive quick searches around the building we found our way in...well thought so.

So after a lot of climbing, holding on for dear life and walking through lots of sharp, stingy nature, we were at the gates. With success right in front of us we walked straight on to then race back into the stingy nature and hide from the angry French builders. 
So after hiding for a while we decided to go back and go for plan B. 
Thankfully there was no angry French builders in sight and not as much stingy nature. 

We were in.


Explored with @AndyK! & @SpiderMonkey.











Most of upstairs was pretty much destroyed..


Bar a few rooms;




Cheers for reading.:thumb

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