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UK HMP Shrewsbury (Permission) - September 2016

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HMP Shrewsbury


So HMP Shrewsbury shut down in 2013… it sat empty for a good while before being bought by a property developer. It’s now going through the planning consultation stages with a number of options being considered and according to local news sites will be sealed up for work to start after Christmas for conversion to student accommodation.


In the meantime it has a guy caretaking it for the developers and in return gets to run events and tours or you can just turn up, throw them fifteen quid and have the place to yourself. It’s not a museum at all, other than a few scraps of paper stuck doors telling you which toilet to use its exactly as it was when it was shut down complete with shit stained cell toilets and porn on the walls and to be honest I was wandering around thinking it’s amazing the developers let anyone just wander in unaccompanied as the place is an absolute health and safety nightmare.


I was in there for four hours ducking under ropes to stroll through the various sections which were supposed to be closed off and never saw a single other person… literally had the entire prison to myself… it really was a smashing way to spend the afternoon.


Anyway, permission visit so wouldn’t normally post but seeing as its not had a report before, will probably be gone very soon thought I would post them up as the current plan seems to be for it to be converted into fancy student accommodation in the very near future.


Report explaining what each photo of is can be found on my homepage doobery www.derpage.com/hmp










































This is C-Wing – single sided, previously used to house women and more recently sex offenders…










Prisoners being transferred out at closure




A-Wing three tier double sided cells… double bunks in each





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Entrance to visitors room




Visitors room








The prison doctors room




Entrance to workshops




Prisoner workshops














Visitor glass bays x 4
















New prisoner reception area













THE HANGING ROOM - Shrewsbury has over 30 unmarked graves in the grounds.  10 bodies were re-burried when the sports hall was built and hangings took place in this room up until 1960.  The area floor boarded would have been the drop trapdoors with the leave in the recessed section.


A-Wing sowing Royal Mail sacks back in the good old days!


A-Wing just prior to closure


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That's epic mate, didn't realise you could just turn up and get the place to yourself! Might have to plan a trip myself as I'm from Shrewsbury so always wanted to see the inside for myself (for a couple of hours rather than years :P )



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Cheers all.... yeah very relaxed way to see the place... I have my eye on another prison up north but after the first visit there it became apparent a return trip with an extendable ladder will be required lol!

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