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Italy Castello Di G, Italy - September 2016

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Another beautiful castello on our trip, and one that gave me a lovely unexpected shock. I'd seen pictures of this place - pictures of the hanging giant and i'd wanted to visit for so long. I didn't know what to expect, I didn't recognise the name. After a long search we found a way in, and it was only when we were inside I recognised where we were, and it was an "ohhhhh it's this place" situation. It exceeded my expectations, and I absolutely loved it. We spent so long in here mooching around and searching for the giant, and the reward was definitely worth it when we got there. We'd run out of water and had one bottle of beer between us - so a celebratory drink was gone in seconds when we made it out :D 










As always, thanks for looking!:thumb 

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I understand the damage to this place was caused by an earthquake. The power and destruction caused is plain to see when you drive around the local area, there are a lot of other collapsed buildings around there, looks like they just had to abandon the whole lot, including this incredible place. I found it quite surreal and couldn't help but think about all the people it affected in the small communities.

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Really nice! Lots of grandeur, would have loved to have seen it in its prime. Searching for giants... well that's a great excuse :P great pics Jack :thumb 

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Until yesterday, I didn't know that the damage to this place was caused by an earthquake. 

I just read that recently there was a newspaper report about an Urban Explorer, with a questionable photo of him in the castle.

The owner took notice of this report, and understandably, he is absolutely not delighted about that. Due to danger of collapse, the owner himself was officially prohibited to enter the castle after the earthquake. And now, after this unfortunate stroke of fate, he has to see that strangers repeatedly break doors and windows of the castle, and enter his property - and they even publish dangerous selfies next to the breaking edge of the collapsed ceiling. I can understand that he is uncomprehending and angry about.

I write it without judgment, but just as supplementary information. Finally, many abandoned places that we visit, have a sad history. And many former residents of abandoned places have experienced a bad stroke of fate. That makes it all the more important, to visit these places with respect and to explore the buildings respectfully.

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      This was the first stop in Italy with Elliot5200 & @shaddam last month. I don't know any history unfortunately but it's a stunning building and I wouldn't mind living in it! I normally write a lot more than this but I'm not sure what else to say. Oh, we went for a pizza afterwards. Pics:






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      And that's all for now. Thanks for looking