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Hello, and thank YOU very much for your for your kind comments!!!


Glad you like "my" hospital!! It is such a wonderful place.. i have been associated with the hospital for 40 odd years now, and seen a few changes!! The biggest "offenders" when it comes to nosing around, are in fact, nursing students!! I caught one lot, they nearly had a heart attack!!


One thing that i am so pleased does show up in your photos, is how beautifully these places were built. "care in the community" was all just a con... But make no mistake, this hospital is coming back to life!!!


As i said, if anyone DOES see anything that concerns them, or spots intruders THEMSELVES that they think are up to no good [unlike you lot!!] PLEASE go and inform the general office, or, if they are closed, one of the ward staff. Even if you just write down what you have seen, and where, tell them you are concerned, hand it in and bugger off, PLEASE try to help. Not saying you will get an OBE, but the staff will be grateful for your help!!


Happy new year to you too, and I may very well see you there as you say!!!!






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Beautiful place. So clean and tidy. Really nice pics too. I hope it doesn't get trashed :(


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Hi Nicky!


It is nice and clean as it is a working hospital!! It is only the wards in the photos that are not being used, the rest of the place is alive and well!! The wards in the pictures WILL be brought back into use at some stage, and i can confirm that they are still used regularly, just not as wards!!


Forget any ideas of the place being half "closed down" or "closing down", all the new car parks were only built in the last year or two, and, if you were to go there on a busy day, you would have a job to park! There are HUNDREDS of staff, it really is a busy place!!


There WAS a time when they WERE on about closing it a good few years ago, but happily, they have cancelled all that nonsense now. As i said, sections of the building are being renovated and brought back into use all the time, as the trust that run the place, finally realise what a wonderful building they have!!


The trust have buildings all over newport, used, shall we say, in "laymans" terms, as "outpatient clinics". As time goes on they will probably be relocated to St Cadocs, and provision will be made for many more inpatients too.


As time goes on it is recognised that "care in the community" has failed, and that the big hospitals will be making a comeback, especially as there has been a large increase in the number of people that require inpatient treatment. In areas where the hospitals have been demolished they will have to build new ones!!


As you all may have gathered, I view it as far from ideal people creeping about a working hospital, but if you MUST do this, please try to remember that it IS a working hospital. As you are all sensible people i hardly need mention this, but please do not take any photos that would be inappropriate, for example, pictures of patients or staff [the two are easily confused!!!] [That is me in trouble tomorrow!! ha ha]


The photos that have been taken are all wonderful though, and I would not be at all surprised if copies of them end up in the hospital library.


Finally, as i said before, if during your adventures, any of you DO spot any signs of criminal activity, or vandalism, or anything else that you might be concerned about, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not be afraid to go to the general office, [or any other department or ward if the office is closed for any reason] and report what you have seen. You will DEFINITELY NOT get into any trouble, I can PROMISE you that. [you will not be asked "why you are there" or for your name, or anything like that] quite the opposite, the staff will be VERY greatful for your help, they really will..


Every one of the staff members is a nice person and cares passionately about the hospital and people associated with it. They would hardly be there otherwise!!




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@John I must admit, i like you and your passion for the place. Hopefully you haven't had any trouble from anyone claiming to be from our genre of interest. You'll always be up against local nosey kids and people using the guise of UE to obtain what they want, but i'm hoping you're assured that we share the same passion and respect for the buildings that you do :) 


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Hi Hamtagger,


Thanks for that!! I think we all love the place to be honest. People are strangely drawn to it for some reason!! It is a lovely building though, just perfect for what it was designed for. There has been some trouble from kids, not much though, mainly smashing up the summer houses [Them round things!] and one lot tried to burn down the Llwyn Onn building. [the prefab type thing near the church] Did have someone dossing upstairs a long time ago, but that was only the once.


You would have all loved it in in the 1970's, was like a town, more or less self sufficient too. They had everything there. Doctors [obviously] dentists, operating theatres, builders, decorators, engineers, plumbers, electricians, everything, and all with their own department. The bolier house was a thing to see... It is still there, but gas powered now, whereas it was oil fired lancashire boilers with the now demolished 180 foot chimney that you can see on old photos.


The actual hospital grounds were a lot larger at one time too and they even had a farm. Go on google earth, and, in "street view", have a look at the first hospital entrance near the railway bridge. Have a look at the style of the brick wall to the right of the gates. Now, go back on google earth, and find "roman reach caerleon" Go ANTI clockwise round the estate and out onto the main road. "Stand" [in street view] in the middle of the "T" junction. Look left towards the hospital and look at the style of the brick wall..... See what i mean about larger!!





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