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Enjoy a good beer!

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Dear all,


Just another urbexer from nearby Brussels, mainly active on Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany and France.. I like all kind of urbex: industrial, leisure, medical, undergrounds.. but feels very well on rooftops at this time.


I join this forum because I'd like to make new connections in USA, I'll travel in your beautyful country begin of februari: Albany, NYC, Boston and Philadelphie are parts of my journey so if you feel like you want to take some "strangers" on your trip, just message me :) !


You can find some of my (old) explorations on Mickspot , not really up-to-date..


Btw, as a proud Belgian guy, a good beer will be paid of course..


Kind regards to all!


PS: As you noticed, my English is not really good but I do the best I can !



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Hi there @Mickspot :) 


Thanks for taking the time to throw up and intro. If you need any help just give one of us a shout :thumb


Theres a guide below together you started, we'd love to see a report old or new :) 



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