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Russia Ghost town Ugolny Ruchei and coal mines near Norilsk. Russia.

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The ruins of coal mines on the slopes of Mount Schmidt and the settlement "Ugolny Ruchei" ( "Coal creek" - from russian) near Norilsk were abandoned in 70's, when mining became unprofitable.





















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    • By Lara
      I think this was the most scariest thing i have ever done. A late night splore on a Russian sub. It involved knee deep mud and a dingy ride with one and a half oars. But Trog and SK done an amazing job. The sub itself was amazing, im glad i didn't bottle it but inside was so claustrophobic, i really dont know how people stay down there for so long.
      Splored with SK, Trog and peaches.

      Thanks for looking
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      Alykel - former military town near Norilsk, Russia.
    • By Tinnitus Doll
      Hi mates!
      I wasn't there for a long time. The beginniing of 2016 was really rich with explorations. And one of the places was a working magnesite mine in Chelyabinsk region.

      I was there two times but this time we managed to reach the lowest horizont on minus 320 meters.




      I had no tripod and my camera became misted so pics are not very good.




      Transport descent.



      Tubs without any railmotor car.




      Abandoned part is full of water. On the right you can see a tube from which a lot of splashes release.


      So that's all thanks for looking and have great time!