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Classical Chapel (November 2016)

This is one of the most ornate and beautiful chapels I've ever seen, even though its been deteriorating badly since closing around 1999.

Bought at auction three years back, but it seems nothing has been done to stop it the rot. 


Call me cynical but sadly it's the same old story of cash-rich buyer sees a medium term investment on a listed building. The plan? Simple: let it get beyond repair, knock it down and build some shitty apartments thereby making a handsome return on the investment. I hope I'm wrong.


It was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1867 and elaborated in 1890. In its day this place would have hosted the biggest and most important events and in a back room here there was a meeting that ended up having a huge impact on recent Welsh history. In fact there's a blue plaque outside to commemorate it. 


On with the pics -






















Be seeing you :ph34r:


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Fantastic building, I would love to see it by myself. Great pics.


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This one looks really cool! Lovely colors inside.


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    • By Angels05Astra
      I have searched and searched online for information about this place and have come up blank every-time. This was a farm house which had a guest house across from it from what i can make out.The farm house has been standing there for years long before i started driving as the first time i saw this place i was about 16/17 years old. 
      The farm house is destroyed no other words for it the roof is all caved in as are the floors and the basement can now be seen. Its also had a fire at some point as has the guest house.
      We visited this one Friday evening as my partners son really wanted to see what it was we explored and do his own videos!
      So excuse the pics i was getting used to my camera it was the first time since i had got it that i tried it out.....
      We started in the guest house.









      Still old wallpaper remaining.


      Now some of the farm house.








    • By Angels05Astra
      Little History....
      Was built in the 1890s An ornate Victorian cricket pavilion that was listed as endanger. Was used up until 1950s.
      Was burnt down in May 2017 a few weeks before we visited the site. 
      We thought we would stop and look at this place on our way to Bletchley park we was not aware it had been recently burnt down such a shame as i bet it was a beautiful building as are most grade 2 listed buildings.
      Some pics....
    • By Angels05Astra
      Well This was our last stop off on the way home from Wales at the weekend.
      To our surprise the place still had power. 
      This by far has to be one of the strangest explores we have done from the moment we entered the first building it was an uneasy feeling and we dont spook easy.
      Its not like a normal explore as the buildings are not that old at all but a fully abandoned business park.
      Was not in the worst of states we have seen when on some of our explores. It has had wiring stripped in one corridor.
      All the doors were unlocked and most swinging open a few smashed internal windows also.
      There were some strange sounds in one of the buildings and we could not work out.
    • By waveraven
      Hey Guys
      Thought I would share a video from an outing to Redhill, Enjoy!
    • By Angels05Astra
      Little History....
      St John's Hospital Previous names Buckinghamshire County Asylum and Buckinghamshire Mental Asylum.
      Opend 17th Januray 1873
      The grade-ll hospital chapel for Buckinghamshire County Asylum also known as St Johns Hospital in Stone Buckinghamshire, closed around 1995 but the hospital clossed in 1991. Today the Chapel stand derelict and boarded up tight, pend conversion into three dwellings.
      Only a few staff houses are remaining and saved. The rest of the hospital was demolished in 1994 and turned into a housing estate.
      Unfortunately this was a bust you could not get into the chapel other than the cellar. but a few pictures.


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