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UK Punch Lodge - Surrey - April 2017

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I don't post very much here on Oblivion State, So I  thought I'd best start posting a bit more.


Be warned this is going to be a picture heavy one.




I'm being purposefully vague as this place needs protecting from the cretins that unfortunately will take joy in ruining such a delightful property. 

'Punch Lodge' as I'm calling it, was used by a large business as a management training facility. It had accommodation for the people attending the training courses, presumably running for several days or weeks at a time.

The Lodge has roughly 20 rooms for accommodation, as well as lounge, bar and dining room areas. 
It also has a lovely round shed, swimming pool and a tennis court. 

It was used from at least 1980 and closed down in around 2007.

I'm still trying to find more information about it, and I'll add any new information I find as an edit here.


The Explore


So like many of my finds, this was a Google Maps spot that I decided to go check out on the off chance. Normally with these things its a gamble as it's either been converted, knocked down, sealed up or was never derelict at all. I had a good feeling about this one though.

As I approached it I could see a building over the fence, and what looked like a couple broken window panes.

Carefully wandering down the overgrown path, I was presented with a big messy courtyard and the front of the lodge. There was a couple fire extinguishers chucked on the ground, the usual sign that kids had been in messing around.

Access was simply an open door, so an excellent start already. 


Exploring from room to room, I was flabbergasted what I was seeing, the house was pristine! 

It almost was too good, I was expecting for an alarm to go off at any moment and the fuzz to show up.

The house has 2 floors plus a 2nd floor loft conversion (with roof access too!). 
To my surprise the power was still on. Many of the lights still worked. 


A good amount of the rooms were filled full of crap, almost as if they were using it as storage.

I found a few offices with lots of paperwork left. It was mostly tax returns and business related documents. Obviously the house was used to run a business from, but there was quite a few different business names to the address. However now that I know it was used for business and management training it makes a little more sense.

I headed outside to explore the surrounding land. After fighting through brambles and trees I found a very full up swimming pool and the tennis court.


I did a bit of research once I got home and found that there were numerous businesses that still had this address as its registered office. I don't have a very good knowledge of the inner works of running a business, but to have a registered office as the address of derelict property seems a bit naughty to me.






This is the main courtyard area. You can see piles of rubbish and fire extinguishers that have been chucked about.











The main lobby area was pristine. 






This is the main door and porch area.




The lounge area.










The bar area used as storage for furniture. 






The dinning room




The kitchen with everything left untouched once again.






The downstairs office with lots of paperwork still left.






Lots of silverware stuffed into a case?!




This looks like it was used as a training room








The long corridor with lots of bedrooms.




A few of the rooms looked like they were being renovated. 




A few were being used for storage. Most had the same bright orange curtains. 








Bit of Sangria anyone?




Another office type area, except I spotted something interesting in here.

A CCTV monitor that was in standby mode. I hit the power button and all 4 cameras had VIDEO LOSS, so either they weren't set up properly or someone has disconnected them. 






The top floor consisted of a big bedroom with en-suite bathroom.




Adding to the fun, there was roof access from one of the windows!







Outside area


By the corner of the house was a round shed that had a fantastic ceiling.




The woodlands behind the house is very overgrown and it was a struggle to fight through the foliage to find anything.






Found the swimming pool! Almost stepping right in as rain water had filled it to ground level. 




The tennis court.




Thanks for reading.

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On 4/26/2017 at 11:35 AM, The_Raw said:

That's a great find, wouldn't mind seeing this myself :thumb 




Thanks! Still super stoked about this one, don't find many houses this clean. PM me if you fancy visiting it :thumb

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this place is stunning  and needs protecting  great find love the pictures wouldnt mind to seeing it to take some pictures myself 

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I wouldn't mind seeing this either. Some nice features and those carpets are awesome!! Stepping in to the pool could have been interesting! Really nice find :thumb 

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    • By yonaguni

      this house always interested me..the yard was filled with junk..old cars..and other junk..it gave the appearence of being abandoned but someone clearly lived there

      the area became prime real estate..mcmansions went up and taxes went up..i knew this houses wouldent last....i went by and saw it was finally empty
      the 1st floor was a neat gloomy  house

      rooms that feel like a horror movie

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      This place has been on the radar for a while now but never got the chance to properly take a look. The dome itself can be seen for quite a few miles across the surrounding areas. Not a great deal of information available other than it looks like some sort of water treatment site/reservoir possibly used by the MOD, given the land its situated on. It doesn't appear to be fully derelict either as you can still here the sound of running water and the grass seems to be trimmed.
      The explore went as planned, few dog walkers here and there, other than that spent a little while looking around.
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      Little house somewhere in Belgium. Seems there lived an 103 year old lady and after a fire on the upper floor she left the house. Her son still comes there every week to feed the cat.
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      First things first - this place is a death-trap. Simple as that. And it's quite likely to be worse now than it was when I went. But as I have a bit of an obsession about redundant old cinemas and theatres I left all common sense at the entrance.
      The building still shows signs of its grand past but sadly any possibility of saving it looks pretty slim, although a Trust has been set up to try to preserve it and bring it back into use.
      The four-storey building, designed by G. B. Rawcliffe, opened in 1894 as a music hall, before being converted to a cinema in 1938. It was last used as a bingo hall in 1995. 









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