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    • By evo_mad
      The subject line is a bit vague as the owners were spot on with us and asked us not to put the location out there.
      If this report tickles your fancy and you would like to visit, drop me a PM and I'll give you Tims mobile number.
      The best spot in the site (the room with the drawings / maps) is under lock and key and they were more than happy to unlock it for us.
      The Chapel.

      Brick cross on the wall.

      Shot from the bottom end of the site.

      Prefab roof joist.

      Demolished building with urinal and chimney still present.

      Boiler room on the left of the photo.

      Close up of the boiler room.

      These were hanging just above the entrance to the boiler room.

      Fancy a climb??

      Look strong?

      Not so strong from this angle.

      Captian slow and hood_mad at one of the locked buildings.


      Other ranks accomodation.

      Accomodation to the left, toilets to the right.

      Water storage in the tower visible on top of the building.

      Lightweight trailer.

      Officers quarters.

      Drying room.

      Two I beams had corroded away leaving only one to support this boiler.

      Water storage?

      Fireplace in the NAAFI. This had four fireplaces all using the same chimney.

      A bit out of focus, but you get the idea.

      Outside the NAAFI.

      There were a load of drawings on the wall inside the locked building, est @ about 1950ish.
      Drawing of a Sea Vampire.

      You can just make out "Shell" and "Esso" trademarks on these cans.

      Original Phone.

      After we'd done the accomodation side, we headed south west to the airfield proper.

      Shelter identical to the ones at Carew airfield.

      Underground HQ nearby. (Captain slow has some inside pics.)

      A great day out, we spent about 5 hours wandering about the site.
      Again, the site is well open, but if anyone wants above board access or just wants to see the drawings and maps, drop me a PM and I'll give you Tims number.
    • By evo_mad
      My Brother & I were told about the old Dewhurst factory in Ystalfera and wanted to take a look.
      We located the place, got in and started walking around, took loads of pics.
      We found a boiler room, took a few more and turned to go out of the door.
      I looked up and saw the dreaded red blinking PIR light , pointed it out to RB and calmly but speedily left the area.
      Once we were outside, we decided to take 5 and wait to see what the response was.
      We waited 30mins and no-one turned up and as we turned to leave, I saw the sign over the door of the factory was GMF, we looked to our right and there was the Dewhurst factory.
      So we decided to take a look in there as well. both great places, if a bit chavved up and mostly stripped.
      The GMF Factory.

      A shot down the side.

      Obviously had an auction at some time.

      Obligatory long distance shot.

      I like anything with "controlled" written on it.

      Old invoice.

      Incoming 3 phase.

      These ones below are from the Dewhurst site.
      Some trashed phone kit.

      In the boiler room.

      "Arty" shot of the heating pipe.

      Interesting fire protection system. ty-wrap melts, releases the wire.

      Which releases the lever with the weight on.

      Hope you enjoy the pics.
    • By evo_mad
      This is a fantastic site full of old and new trains and related kit.
      Swansea council has been trying for ages to get it shut down and has now succeeded.
      It was close to me so hood_mad and I decided to have a look.
      There are CCTV cameras in the area, notably, one on the main wall of the workshop building, a really small almost webcam like one and a few normal industrial types on the roof of Morris Bros.
      Anyway, onto the photos.
      Under carriage near the entrance to the tracks from the north side.

      Platform north end.

      Gritter carriage.

      Track shot.

      hood_mad on the way up the tracks.

      Coming up to the site.

      View from one of the signal towers

      Brick tower??

      Discreet warnings

      Main workshop, note camera top left of door.

      There were loads of carrieages.

      Inside the blue carriage in the first photo.


      Inside locked engine room - shot through holes in the door.

      Happy & Sad.


      Open carriage like in the movies.

      Burnt out carriage.

      One of the fires burnt the alloy doors.

      Signal box.


      Drivers compartment of one of the newer engines.

      Largish spider.

      Cheers for looking.
    • By RiF
      Took a trip to Newton again, visited the West to check out some Pillboxes and what seemed to be anti aircraft placements, only got to see 3 out of the 4 Pillboxes.
      "Pillboxes 1"

      "anti aircraft placements 1&2"

      "Pillboxes 2"

      "anti aircraft placement3"

      "Pillboxes 3"
      Almost gave up looking for this one, as it was so well covered with a bushes an needles, I was right next to it before I actually noticed it.

      "Pillboxes 4"
      Did'nt get to visit this one
      Then I went to check out 2 buildings behind the dog kennels hiden away in the woods

      Second building, which I could'nt get to...this time.
      Hope you can just make it out.

      Sorry for the heavy pictures
      Will be planning another trip back, to get a in to all those Pillboxes, if anyone wants to join me just PM me an we can sort something out:)
      See the rest of the photo's here...
    • By evo_mad
      On the way down to Pembroke Dock for the day, hood_mad and I stopped off near Carew Airfield to have a look at the radar protection site the other side of the main road.

      Inside one of the little bunkers.

      The flooded one.

      A small explore, but the little bunkers were fun.
      After we left, we went to the St Twynnells ROTOR Station HERE


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