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Another drive past find on a trip to Italy last year, never seen pics of it, so we called it Powerplant Percy.  It was a sub-station of some sort, but stripped out and not much to see, but it was rather nice inside, so here you have it.
















Well there you have it, a stripped out shell, but they need a bit of love too, or maybe not, you got this far, so you must have enjoyed it ;)


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    • By Wevsky
      This was a place we had wanted to visit for a long time so when it got mentioned in memory of DHL that a group of people would be getting together up here i jumped at the chance..
      So myself UrbanGinger SpaceInvader met up with PaulPowers and headed in ,then met way too many people to name if i could remember who everyone was..
      Nice to meet up with old and new faces..RIP dave

      Sorry i didnt get round to the abseil pitch that was set up my head was way to spinny for that.Great evening was had ,Thanks to all involved
    • By skeleton key
      Having just recovered from one fever and been laid up for a while
      The splore fever was now running high & needed to get out bad.
      I set off with Lara and after negotiating a few obstacles we started working our way through the woods of a very large site.
      The whole area is dotted with over grown structures some dating back to Napoleonic times.
      It was Original used for the development & manufacture of explosives and then the development of missiles,Rockets and other propelled objects.
      We ended up giggling like kids hiding behind trees to avoid the men driving around in Land Rovers to get to where we wanted to be.
      The old laboratories & store area.
      Splore on

      Cheers for sneaking a peak
    • By Wevsky
      This has been the one shelter i dover that's eluded me due to the entrance or rather the route down to it!three years ago i had a go and last year but my body would not allow me to go down the ever disappearing cliff path to it..
      Fast forward 3 years and with a lot of encouragement from the guys i finally got down to it ..cheers lads
      Visited with SpaceInvader Obscurity and UrbanJunky was a great meet up and pukka day out
      Brief blagged history
      Lydden Spout Battery was constructed in 1941 on the cliffs between Dover and Folkestone. This consisted of three 6� naval gun positions, magazines, gun rooms, a plotting room and a large deep shelter. The guns were removed in the 1970’s but the foundations are still visible to date. All underground parts are in a good condition. Above ground most buildings were demolished but an officers mess remains and is now used as a cow shed

      Thanks for looking and im rather chuffed i got down there..thanks again to the guys for getting me down there:thumb
    • By Perjury Saint
      'BLAA! BLAA! BLAA!' That'll be the alarm goin' off at stupid o'clock... Again!!
      'BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP!' And that'll be the wellied wonder textin' me... 'GET THE FECK UP BAB... SPLORE TIME!!' Can only mean one thing....
      N.K.P.S. presents 'NORTHERN MEDICAL' a whistle stop tour of Lancashire top spots...
      After a quick brekkie of bacon rolls n strong coffee, we jump in the splore wagon like a bargain version of the dynamic duo and its FOOT TO THE FLOOR up the M5! NKs tourettes kickin' in big time and clouds of rollie smoke billowing from the windows!!
      Of the 3 'med sites' we visited this was the most impressive!! Choc full of beautiful features and bits and pieces left behind, we give you...
      On with some pix... NKs will follow straight after mine, shes BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! So I'll be posting on her behalf... ENJOY!!

      No time for catologue shoppin' tink! Splores are callin'! STEP ON IT!!

      Now for kittens pix...

      Be sure to tune in again for more N.K.P.S. Splorventures...

      Ta for lookin' in...
    • By Ghost
      Visited today with my daughter, my first 'underground, for me as not done a tunnel before and found it most enjoyable despite my claustrophobia , was longer than I thought and decent Torches are the next purchase for me now !!
      A bit of history from a signpost

      and a few more pictures (not great as lighting was poor !!)