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Italy Villa amante del sole - 08/2017

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There wasn't much to see at Villa amante del sole but I really love its architecture. Built in the 1930s the whole building was able  to rotatet 360 degrees - following the sun.
Unfortunately I couldn't visit the whole surrounding of the villa as I felt not to be alone. 



36119651384_90e3a8e08f_h.jpgDSC07902 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36783054072_f5c7bedf0f_h.jpgDSC07901 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36558014240_97f3607750_h.jpgDSC07900 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36783065932_9365af1b69_h.jpgDSC07899 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36119654774_ba4bf593fb_h.jpgDSC07889 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36954169995_2a3aa2c3ee_b.jpgDSC07898 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36145827863_2e6458afea_h.jpgDSC07885 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36558023680_fc7c1eccf7_b.jpgDSC07897 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36814549401_215b84c85f_b.jpgDSC07896 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36119662134_2e738c343a_h.jpgDSC07887 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr



36145833613_5ee106fdf5_b.jpgDSC07895 by Ghost-Scooter, auf Flickr

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I have never seen such a house before. I like the view upstairs inside. Thanks for showing.

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb The_Raw:

Woah what a crazy place! Even more crazy that it was abandoned :shock:


it has been a museum for a while but is abandoned for a few years.

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