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OK, I said on the other thread I would add the older pics of B Block. I also have ones from admin the year before as well. :D


No point boring with history yada yada as it was on the last thread.  Visited with DK and IO a couple of times. 



20254349224_78cec87260_b.jpgDSC02755 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Where admin used to be :o

24106374120_7634ffb718_b.jpgDSC05467 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Main Entrance

20883233185_52357f2a67_b.jpgDSC02713 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr



20696482889_5d1237bd4f_b.jpgDSC02724 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Large Ward

20695248978_43d11eb4e3_b.jpgDSC02731 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Side Room

20262202393_e02b3d509c_b.jpgDSC02733 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Top of the Stairs

20696475159_aea17f9947_b.jpgDSC02736 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr



20262195683_c7b0c3d1f8_b.jpgDSC02741 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Little Room with lovely Window

20873535772_c55fc050f2_b.jpgDSC02744 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


The Dark Ward

20883209465_ce611d7b2a_b.jpgDSC02747 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Map :D

20695231438_9e01c6349d_b.jpgDSC02750 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr



20883201875_33d4444149_b.jpgDSC02754 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


B Block:

Looking out to A Block

24375966646_1d1dbdf7c5_b.jpgDSC05427 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Festering mounds of Pigeon Shit

24034363329_2a701c448f_b.jpgDSC05428 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr



24293915912_9752c82e2a_b.jpgDSC05429 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


'That' Doll

23775350523_210e45fbb4_b.jpgDSC05431 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr



23773891874_bb5722b804_b.jpgDSC05445 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr



24034246089_5c175e9fe5_b.jpgDSC05452 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Empoty Room

24375822886_f5f348c754_b.jpgDSC05458 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


The O2 Can

24106412570_47655d3f26_b.jpgDSC05462 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr



24106403260_416406d146_b.jpgDSC05463 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


Klaus Wunderlich

24375744406_13c459945c_b.jpgDSC05469 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr



24293712672_b3707ff398_b.jpgDSC05470 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr


One Last External

23775148453_4483ec9f25_b.jpgDSC05475 by Dale Hamilton, on Flickr

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Liking that mate. Reminds me I haven't done a hospital for donkeys years now. Some good ones up there I believe 

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Nice one, I really like that oval window in the fourth pic.

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Some cracking shots there @hmltnangel - good explore all round, the preticualrly derpy one reminds me of St Johns in Chelmsford quite a bit.


Thanks for posting this up, nice to see a decent hospital.


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  • Similar Content

    • By sj9966
      I nipped over last night to check the fire damage.
      The only building that was on fire is the St Mary's building (which was a nurses home not a care home as I have written in this report). It has suffered damage to the right hand side of the building but is not totally burned out.

      There is a planning application submitted to demolish most of the buildings on the site including St Edwards. As far as I could see there has been no descision made on it yet.
      I also found this on the net (link below), it gives the whole history and a detailed report on all the buildings. There is still some unseen stuff here notably the chapel within the former St Gerards Hospital which is now offices. If demo goes ahead I'm sure it will become more accesible. It will be a shame to see these buildings go as it's a great urbex site imo.
    • Guest Dubbednavigator
      By Guest Dubbednavigator
      Hi All
      As much as we all hate to see our beloved shrines of dereliction, they all eventually either get ripped down or converted
      A lot of these are good, and a lot of them are very, very bad
      What are the best ones you have seen?
      My favourite has to be Nethernene on the hill. Located just down the road from cane hill
      Its a beauty


      Water tower

    • By jw94
      Not a lot about this place, I believe the bowling part shut down in 2009 and then the crystal maze part shut down in 2010. Oakwood own this place and have no plans for it besides letting it rot away. Whoever is trying to look after this place is attempting to keep people out. Heard about this place from a different site, easy to find, such a pain in the arse to get into as there's a very tight gap to try and squeeze through..
      Thee maze is bigger than first thought, only uploaded a few pictures of that. 
    • By jones-y-gog
      One from the vault. Did a quick search on this one and surprisingly saw very little in the way of reports - so thought I'd share my take on it.
      Back in the day this place was quite infamous - mostly it seems due to the few 'bad apples' that lurk within the exploring community. Stories of looting and selling out to the media were rife. 
      It is quite a special place for me as its the kind of place that's close to where my ancestors lived and I can imagine its the kind of place they would call home. Its located in a wild and isolated place, it would have been a harsh and bleak landscape to live in at times but in its own way stunning and beautiful. 
      I visited twice in the early part of 2015. The house had obviously been left unoccupied a very long time until it suddenly appeared on the radar. The owners had become aware of this and tried securing it.  On my first visit I noticed a big new shiny padlock was in place on the outhouse. When I returned about a month later the whole door had been smashed. A little later all doors and windows were boarded up, leading to an unofficial renaming by one clever wordsmith as Shroud Cottage. It appears that also didn't deter those with no sense of respect in the search for 15 minutes of Facebook fame. 
      Enough of the backstory and on with the pictures: