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Closed German thermal gym.



DSC_8859 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8828 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8856 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8821 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8804 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8910 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8930 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8978 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8954 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_85517 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8793 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8783 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8779 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8799 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8759 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8743 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8706 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8659 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8682 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8670 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8622 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8586 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8609 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8644 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8631 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8403 (Kopiowanie).jpg



DSC_8400 (Kopiowanie).jpg



22561155_1577258595669826_598016238_o (Kopiowanie).jpg

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    • By GREGUL1979
      The hospital was closed less than three years ago. The facility has functioned, among others orthopedics and traumatology, rheumatology, pulmonology and surgery. The total area of the facility is about 2.38 ha. As of today, little souvenirs remain in the middle. The only thing left was the lamps in the operating rooms and some glass equipment somewhere in the attic. Despite everything, the hospital has an amazing atmosphere ... until you want to walk the long corridors. The hospital is not haunted, it has no ghosts ... it is guarded ... motion detectors, cameras and a dog make the entrance into the wild border with a miracle. Thanks to this the building is in very good condition ....
      (Sorry, translator)











































































    • By GREGUL1979
      One of the objects located in the campsite. Why a house is bad. When I was inside, alone ... there was a squeaky door from everywhere and the cracking of the boards against each other. The blame for all this is borne by the wind and frost ... however, when you sit in such an object yourself, different thoughts come to mind. In fact, I was not alone ... my friend was outside ... but the distance between us (at a given moment and situation) was comparable to the width of the Vistula (in fact it was enough to just walk out the window). Great property, amazing atmosphere ... great rooms ....





















    • By GREGUL1979
      It is a civil defense hall in a large plant that remembers the times of the Polish People's Republic... it was rather ... because the plant liquidated the room In the event of an armed attack, it would protect the civilian population. The room is falling apart. The equipment is rotting. Nobody cares about it anymore.
      Fortunately, at the last moment I got a tip and I was able to visit and take pictures. Some of the pictures are directed, but only so I could show the entire contents of this room. Translated in a translator









































    • By GREGUL1979
      Closed glassworks. The office building looks like they closed it yesterday. There is not even a trace of dust. The room in which there are samples of what they made there - amazing. Rows of glass lamps ... until you do not want to leave. I'm sorry that it's all waiting ... just for what. Fortunately, the object is well guarded ... probably because it looks like it looks.