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This is Manicomio Di V (Mental asylum). The hospital was built in 1930 due to growing demand for mental support in the region. The hospital closed in 1991 due to new laws.



The overgrown church



The entrance of the theatre 



The decaying theatre 



The old projector



Fences to prevent patients escaping or committing suicide



The overgrown roads through the facility



The entrance of the shower building



The shower rooms



Decaying bathroom



Picture of one of the patients



This was the section were alcohol addicted people would be taken care of



Old poster of a Lancia Prisma



Backstage the theatre



The stockroom 



One room were the patients would sleep



a couple of phones thrown in a corner


Thanks for looking!


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Good to see this pop up. I was here last week and really enjoyed it! I will post a report soon :)

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Really like this, proper decay. The fact the closed it due to new laws is slightly.... worrying. What were they doing there that was all of a sudden against the law, and enough to close it completely?

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Great pics. Always good if the security service doesn't see you. ;)  A friend was almost caught there two years ago.

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