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Esplanade Level - Dover Castle 2008

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Did this one a while ago when there were lots of politics about post up reports etc, but since its now sealed, and the website in question has closed I see no reason why I shouldn't.

Esplande, (Athol + Guildford + Trevanion) is the lowest of the Dover Castle tunnel levels that we know exists, it is possible that foundation level is beneath or to the side of esplanade, but it has not been proven to exist.

Right, on with the pics, didnt get too many, was busy looking round, if that makes sense haha.






Hope you like..


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    • By Maniac
      Just remembered about these photos, so thought I'd stick them up anyway.
      The guilford shaft is a spiral staircase built inside the cliff face at Dover consisting of 214 steps, connecting the Moats Bulwark at the bottom of the cliff to Dover Castle. The staircase is broken up by different levels along the way, including one which resembles a deep air raid shelter.
      It's had several uses during its time, including uses in WWII, but it now lies empty and decaying, although it is in very good shape indeed, considering it's not been maintained for years!

      This is the part that resembles a deep shelter, although it's no in very good shape.

      At the very top

      And just for the hell of it, there's a lot of these down there.

      Moi at the top looking down

      Thanks for looking!
    • By Maniac
      Of all my years exploring Dover, this is one place that kept evading me, mainly because I didn't know where the entrance was! Oh I've spent many hours wondering around the area trying to find it!
      Anyhow, Frosty and co kindly showed me where it was the other night (cheers dude!) , so I was able to finally take some photos of it!
      Langdon hole was an underground communication centre during WWII. Sometimes referred to as Dumpy B, purely because it acted in the same role, although it bears little resemblance to the Dumpy level of Dover Castle.
      Entrance to this place is interesting, as all the steps are missing, so you have a very steep slope to contend with on entry - not one to do on a wet day!
      Anyhow, here are a few photos.
      This is the entrance way looking back up from the bottom.

      With lots of old metal containers at the bottom

      Which leads through this walkway into the rest of the complex

      Which looks like this

      There's an un-lined tunnel which leads to another entrance, now blocked

    • By TheBaronof Scotland
      One I`ve done 3 times in 2012 so heres a compilation
      This is the place where I popped my urbex cherry

      I`m partial to HDR and I`ve noticed going back over my early stuff its a bit neon so apols, I`ve toned the saturation down a bit these days
    • By TheBaronof Scotland
      firstly I make no apology for the size of this thread or the order of the pics, its been a 3 day battle of processing
      Visited with Project Mayhem, Lowri and non member Diane
      Well, what a crazy 30+ hours this turned out to be.
      Left central englandshire at 4pm, only to realise that 1 member didnt have their passport !! so a quick detour to wales (guess who) and we were back on track, straight into an accident on the motorway, so after 90 mins of traveling approx 100 meters we were off again.................. I had built in about 2-3 hours buffer "just incase"...... this would be close.
      Uneventful drive to the chunnel, until we heard of "problems" at the chunnel........ wtf !!! the curse was hanging over us !!
      5 hours delay !! we wouldnt make it !! wtf !!!
      Drive in and ask random bloke trying to sort out all the cars, and he said "just head to the trains, we`ve given up trying to sort an order out"
      45 mins later we are on a train, 2 hours drive over the other side and a cheeky 2hours sleep in a service station.
      Alarms go off and we are off again, met our contact and the rest is history...............

    • By The last witness
      Hey guys.
      Today i will show you a castle with a not so nice past. It was build around 1550 and was used by the nazis a a holiday home. It was used by a person which stands close to Adolf Hitler.
      After a difficult entry we see a place which was neraly out of vandalism. It was a really nice location.
      Enjoy the pictures