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UK Richborough Power Station - April 2007 - Report

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This was on the way back from the garden centre, I persuaded my mate to stop by and after climbing through brambles, mud etc we were in, these are fantastic up close, enjoy the pics.

This was taken from the car on the way there.


Finally they came into view after a muddy and long walk.


Up close wow.



Inside some control room.



My mate standing next to one of those towers, its huge.



A old helicopter, this place was used for paintballing.


The helicopter controls.


Couldn't resist a pic of this on the way in, thats all of the pics I got as my battery died on me, enjoy the pics, it was fun with a nice pub lunch and drink afterwards, got absolutely filthy but great fun.


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all i know is that it shut down after they couldn't afford the price of coal etc they did try and bring it back by using a cheap substitute but this being cheap had its downside which was it sent alot of a black tar like substance which landed on a load of cars across the road which my cousin used to work amozeti or something that sounds the same :D and the power station owners had to pay compensation to clean the cars thats what finished it off

sorry about no full stops i lost my button :(

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Richborough was constructed in the late 50's early 60's, the rest of the history of this place I found on the link below. Cheers for the comments guys. :)

http://www.curiousplaces.co.uk/index.ph ... 1&Itemid=0

That be my website :D and it is a pretty cool place, except we were there at night in a force 8 gale! (well ok maybenot quite, but it felt like it!)


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Hey maniac sorry about that I didn't realise it was your site or I would have mentioned your name. Will check out more of your site now lol to make amends, I can't keep up with all these sites lol. from what I saw it looked good. :)

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sweet pics mateeyyy! always wondered what they are like up close, i can see them from my village (guston) in dover!

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Hey maniac sorry about that I didn't realise it was your site or I would have mentioned your name. Will check out more of your site now lol to make amends, I can't keep up with all these sites lol. from what I saw it looked good. :)

No worries, I'm quite pleased it turned up in a search to be honest! :)

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      The care home 2018
      Not sure to much about this place, its been closed for around 4 years now and there is no damage on it whatsoever, ive been eyeing it up for around a year but never managed to gain access. But i struck a lucky one this week. Although what i did notice when i managed to gain entry was that none of the windows where smashed, but all the windows bar the upper level where boarded so no one could look in. So right were in, the first room was the kitchen, we noticed a infer red camera in the corner, then a slight beeping noise? We shit it and get out at this point we was taking no for an answer, we headed into a little forest nearby were we could see the front door and check if SECCA or police came we waited for about 35mins and nothing came then  we discussed the options over a ice cold pint. so we did some googling and heading back, we came to the kitchen again, dodged the sensors and got to the front door where the main alarm system was, nothing happened this time no sensors no nothing? odd? we carried on strolling round after about 4/5 rooms the slight beeping noise came back on, then off, 20mins later back on? Not a clue we ignored it. we strolled round, some rooms had things moved, thrown about etc, so people had defiantly been in without a doubt. This place was cool. Things remained in places, i like that. But some rooms had a really strange feeling about them. after around 40 minutes in there, we seen about 40% maybe abit more, We decided to head out something felt weird like we didn't belong there. We got out and went back to the forest to check if secca arrived, 15 minutes later a van pulled up, it was secca. He didn't see us, but we could see him. He sat there 5/6 minutes, but for some reason did not check the building? Strange.. ... Until next time peoples. I'm not finished with this place. I shall be heading back to finish what i started. Enjoy the pics! 

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      This was a fairly easy explore as these buildings are not as protected as the main college and the park relies on tourists to inform security about any vandals.
      The gymnasium was the hardest to get into as we had to avoid getting seen by any onlookers. So going at a later time of day would be advised.
      You should be cautious if you get further into the student centre as some of the doors looked to be alarmed.
      The classrooms are in the open and not surrounded by anything so you are likely to be spotted by security or tourists.
      We had a run in with security who were quite well mannered and laid back. All they said was that we were not to go near the building as it is a demolition site. 
      Explored with @little_boy_explores
      Student Centre


      I can't believe they left this in the open











      We didn't need to this door
















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      Late night mission to this place made the entry a slight more easy then in the daylight, secca made this explore a lot more challenging haha! but a shame it had to be in the dark and access to most of the rooms made me see only a slight percentage of this place.  but i seen what i wanted to thankfully! And cheers to the lot that helped! 
      Enjoy the pics the few of them the rest are for the  archives