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Unknown Tunnel - Nr Folkestone 2009

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Originally found with Scrimshady, later revisited with Maniac and Swamp Donkey

Taken point and shoot style with flash and auto focus like a true n00000b but we found cables near the door and thinking they were to a pir sensor (EDIT - There wasn't actually a PiR sensor :D ) we wanted to get out sharpish, and I couldnt leave with no photos at all.

This is a live water service tunnel containing a pipe, and what looks like pumping equipment, it ran for maybe 300m then came to a larger room with steps up to a door, was possibly a reservoir. I think the tunnel may have continued but it required a bit of climbing and we decided to make a quick exit instead :lol:

Sorry about the shite photos





Interesting place, thats not been explored before and its always nice to find something new :D

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Interesting find Shadow & Scrim - Any chance of a PM with the location details, I think further investigation is called for!

Yes me please too, maybe I could walk there as being stuck in the house with no car is doing my head in.

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.......visited (20/10/10) with unfairytale, oldie68 & a 3rd mystery (banned) member lol :lol:





i belive its called the Hills Reservoir :Devil:

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No, unfortunately it was locked. I was looking forward to getting in there. Oldie said, the door was new too.

Bugger, that's a shame would like to have seen that again.

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I nearly thought this was something else, but then it wasnt, I think its connected to the Silver Spring reservoir isnt it ?


tristan when where out ill show you it mate and yes silver spring as far as i know..its just down from crete road victorian resevoir

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We've been back here since, and it's posted in public on a few forums now. The door that actually leads into the pumping station was well and truely locked when we last checked however.

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