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vanishing days

UK Burham Chalk mine tunnel - kent - Burham - 2008

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visitited with solar p im not to sure of history on this place ill leave to solar p to tell you all but heres my pics

probably the worst fence ever













good place for lightpainting incase u hadnt noticed

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are you sure this is a chalk mine??

from the look of this place in comparison to the ramsgate tunnels they look very similar....are you sure its not a disused train tunnel?? :?:

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I love this place, only 5min up the road an the best place i know to light paint. I know a bit of history aswell as an old pic of the train somewhere. Im thinking i need to go back!

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Oh such green skanky water... so inviting :mrgreen:

It has such an exquisite colour doesn't it :lol: Makes me want to go for a swim :?

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Me and a mate have fallen in that, hence thew name swamp_donkey! :lol:

Although i only managed to dip a foot in, my mate ran down the hill an disapeered under the murkey pea green soup! I did laugh alot, an still do!

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hahaha after you explained about your name on BB I always wondered which swamp it was that your mate fell in, thats just rancid hahahaha :lol::lol::lol:

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    • By Lenston
      Visited with The Kwan on a rainy Saturday, some lovely bits left in the area and we missed quite a bit so theres always an excuse for a return visit.
      Some History
      The name Ratgoed derives from “Yr Allt Goed”, which means the steep, wooded hillside. Ratgoed mine was also sometimes known as “Alltgoed”. The Ratgoed slate workings lie at the head of what was originally called Cwm Ceiswyr but became known as Cwm Ratgoed because of the quarry. It lies north of Aberllefenni and northwest of Corris in, what is now, the Dyfi Forest.
      The slate that was quarried at Ratgoed was the Narrow Vein. This runs from south of Tywyn, on the coast, to Dinas Mawddwy about 18 miles inland and follows the line of the Bala Fault. The Narrow Vein was worked along its length at places such as Bryneglwys near Abergynolwyn; Gaewern & Braich Goch at Corris, Foel Grochan at Aberllefenni and Minllyn at Dinas Mawddwy. The slate at Ratgoed dips at 70° to the southeast, the same as Foel Grochan.
      Ratgoed was a relatively small working, it was worked from around 1840 until its closure in 1946.

      Le Kwan










      Thanks for looking
    • By The Urban Collective
      Taxal Lodge - Photographic Report - 2018

      #TaxelLodge Photographic Report - 11th March 2018 Built-in 1904 Taxal Lodge was once the home of Lt. Col. H. Ramsden Jodrell, Who passed away in 1950.
      The home became a Special School, for disruptive and emotionally disturbed kids that lived on site 5 days a week. It replaced an older Taxal Lodge that originally stood further up the valley. 

      Over the years there have been various reports of abuse within the school and a lot of visitors and students claim that the lodge is haunted. 
      Once the plug was pulled by the authorities the school was closed in 2005. Since its closure, the lodge fell victim to vandals & arson.

      Now other nature has now begun to stake her claim... 

      The Urban Collective 
      We Film It...




















































    • By sj9966
      Some pics from this once excellent, now demolished morgue that was part of the Harold Wood Hospital in Essex.
      Not too many locations like this in the UK at present, few and far between!
      Visited in July 2011.



    • By sj9966
      Last explore of 2012 brought us to this old Post Office in the middle of Steeltown.
      I don’t know how long it has been closed but it looks to have been quite some time. There's not that much to see inside but it has some great decay and a cool spiral staircase.
      Visited with Rusty, Andre Govia & Chard.
      Here's a few pictures.