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Gateway Hovertel Dover - 1/3/09

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After reading the post from ryda about the Snargate Wine Vault it reminded me of something I had been looking for last year, but was beaten by prickle's and nettles. I was not sure where the Wine Vaults were, from an old picture that I can no longer find you could see the entrance to them at ground level then a few terraces up it looked like there could be another, maybe even the tunnel that is rumoured to lead to the cowgate steps.

Well getting to the point...after an hour of myself and my brother scrabbling around on the side of a slippery cliff we found 4 levels of the terraces but alas no tunnels :cry:

However we did find our way into the Gateway hovertel, the hotel that time forgot, beds still made, TV's still with remote's, tea and coffee in the rooms. The place is a really great, pretty good condition, the only really trashed floor is the top one and nothing to do with chav's the flying rats have done a good enough job themselves.

Anyway on with some pic's from Satan's camera.

I have stuck this in here for now as the place is an arsonists wet dream. Once anyone who wants to get in has, maybe it can be moved into public view.












Down to the basement:







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One of the buildings is better than the other as the roof has gone in the older section. The condition is not too bad, just a lot of piles of the old furniture, odds and sods.

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Referring to your report Superwide, this rumoured link to the 64 steps, the tunnels I was in yesterday have a locked passage leading off in the right direction for this, might be worth possible speaking to the masonic lodge to see if they have an entrance in? The gentleman who leases the storage tunnels i was in explained there must be another entrance as he often sees light and feels a draught coming from down the passage

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    • By woody
      visited with alanmowbs82 this was the last of the dover shelters we needed to do, popped down for a quick look and sadly now all locked up again, apart from the fire damage it's still in pretty good nick and a few decent photo opportunities, history here: http://thetimechamber.co.uk/beta/sites/deep-shelters-air-raid-shelters/st-martins-battery-deep-shelter-dover








      cheers for looking
    • By woody
      Visited this one night back in may with a non-member, it's one of the better shelters in\around dover imo, I forgot that I had been there so that's why the report is a bit late! little bit of history can be found here: http://www.undergroundkent.co.uk/index.php/2013-08-29-00-41-19/deep-shelters/south-foreland-battery-deep-shelter







      thanks for looking
    • By silverainbow
      This is like the holy grail for all us Kent guys, I've been waitinga very long 4 years to get in here, Have lost count of the amount of times I had "dropped by" on the off chance of some one having made it possible but always to no avail, Id also eyed a particular possibility up a fair few times but had been Incorrectly informed that it was fruitless, Turned out it wasn't and some one else had the very same idea!!!!, Goes to show always go with your hunches!
      Right so on with some Pictures, PIC HEAVY !

      A beautiful bit of original Graff, there's tons of it in here!

      Ill apologize for the sheer weight of Images, But I took hundreds and felt compelled to share!

    • By silverainbow
      This was the one and only Deep Shelter at St Margaret's that I hadn't done, Mainly as in previous years I hadn't found it, I got a text from Space Invader saying he was at a loose end and did I fancy going and doing some thing local, I thought yeah why not so off we went and found ourselves here.
      A nice aerial shot of the site;

      A bit of history about the site, Its construction and the fire power employed;
      This was a coastal artillery battery with four Mark X 9.2 inch guns and a network of bunkers and ammunition stores, northeast of the lighthouse on the road to St Margarets. The site was cleared after the war, but traces remain albeit heavily overgrown.
      Excavations started on 28 December 1940 and the first gun arrived on 25 March 1941, although No. 4 gun was not test fired until 28 November of that year. Their best-known action came a few months later, on 12 February 1942, when the light battleships Gneisenau, Scharnhorst and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen attempted the Channel Dash from Brest back to Germany. The K band radar at South Foreland started to track the ships of the Brest Group coming up the Channel towards Cap Gris Nez. At 12:19, the first salvo was fired; since maximum visibility was five miles, there was no observation of fall of shot by either sight or radar. The "blips" of the K-set clearly showed the zig-zagging of the ships and full battery salvo firing began without verifying fall-of-shot. 33 rounds were fired at the German ships, which were moving out of range at 30 kn (35 mph; 56 km/h). Initially it was thought that four hits had been made, but the Germans revealed that all had missed.
      By the end of the war the four guns had expended 2,248 shells, most in the months before and after the Normandy landings. 28 enemy ships were confirmed sunk between all the coastal batteries around Dover and the deterrent effect was significant
      A couple of Original photos from when the site was in full operation

      And the pics taken from my visit to the Shelter

      Thanks for taking the time to look through my Pics, I had a great time visiting this place, I would Highly recommend going to experience it for yourselves !
    • By AlanMowbs82
      One truly great explore and something not a lot of people get too see as its been sealed for a good few years. a big place and spent a few hours down their, loved all the old graffiti and history of the place and im also pleased it got sealed back up before anyone got in too wreck it and ruin anything.
      pictures aren't the best as i think i was a bit excited but it gives you the general idea :-).
      bit of history:
      Esplanade Level was the name given to the proposed conversion of the Trevanion Caves, chapel caves and Athol Terrace Caves and is the lowest level below dover castle, there is reportedly another level below this (foundation level) but this has yet to be proven. before the war The 1,600ft long Guilford Tunnel was dug to connect the three systems together to be used as air raid protection.
      thanks for looking.


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