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The Black Mason Castle 2009

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This is my first set I am posting here. Hope u like.

Some info on the place –

Sitting high on a dark hillside outside of a small town in New York, Mason Castle looks like it escaped from the pages of Grimm’s fairy tales. Complete with Gothic windows, turrets, towers, steep parapeted roofs, crumbling walls, and a courtyard overgrown with shrubs and trees, the castle has been a landmark and a source of stories both real and romantic for almost 100 years. The design of the castle is thought to have been inspired by late nineteenth century interpretations of medieval European castles constructed in Scotland.

The castle had 36 rooms and legend passed down from generation to generation says that each room had steam heat and electricity long before any home in the township had them. The roofing slate came from England, the marble for the floors, fireplace and staircases from Italy and the iron gates from France. The fireplace in the reception room was valued at over $5000 in 1910. Gold leaf was used to cover it.

Construction on the castle was begun in the early years of the First World War, and ceased in 1924, three years after the owners death in 1921. Never fully completed, the building represents an impressive example of the romanticized medievalism that emerged in American culture at the turn of the twentieth century.

Buildings on the property include the castle, tall ornate iron gates with stone piers, a one-lane stone bridge on the service road, several "service" buildings along the Road and a farm complex in the southwest corner.

In 1949, the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Order, a membership organization of African-American Masons headquartered in New York purchased the property for $47,500. The initial plan for the property was to establish a Masonic home for the aged and indigent. This never happened and for many years the property was used as a rural vacation retreat.

The Masons converted the barn at the farm complex into a recreation center and remodeled the old farmhouse for an administration center. The castle was used in the 1950s as a hunting and fishing resort. By 1964, the masons had built a swimming pool, dining pavilion and several new buildings and established a Camp.





































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Thats stunning, why don't we have stuff like that here eh? I've loving those gothic arched doorways, great pics too :D

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Corr that looks amazing mate, great report aswell! Has this just been completely abandoned then? What a waste if that is the case.

Reminds me of a castle in Wales, Castle Coch, which has been preserved and is now a great little tourist attraction.

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Wow. that castle is amazingly un-chavved.

I really like old gothic architecture, so amazingly spooky.

I'd bet money that the slate for the roof came from the Honister slate mine in the Lake District.

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