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Box Mine, Bath, June 09 REPORT

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Big shout out to Oxygen Thief for not getting us lost :thumb, Jesus for driving, Maniac for the tripod :P and everyone else who made it, special shout out to Tommo for making it through that gap!!

History - http://www.mineexplorer.org.uk/boxmine.htm

On with the pics, I'm sure others will add to them.




OT feels a change in channel, fishing on discovery hah :P


Group shot


Nibbles with the robots.



Thanks again everyone, looking forward to seeing you all again!



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Top notch as always :thumb How far is that drop in the first pic?

Its about 120ft apparently, though I don't think its that big. We wanted to abseil it but OT couldnt find the topside entrance to it :cry:

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Nice photos Shazza! :thumb I'll add my pics when I get home tonight, although I don't think they came out that well as I was rushing a bit, and there were just too many people around! A return trip is on the cards I think, once we've brought a map so we don't get lost that is :lol:


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Return trip for the win :cool2: From the looks of it, we'll need a compass as well as a map, could be interesting.

I think I'm obliged to sign up to you-know-where now :thumb

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Return trip for the win :cool2: From the looks of it, we'll need a compass as well as a map, could be interesting.

I think I'm obliged to sign up to you-know-where now :thumb

Compass is already in the bag ;)

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Is it a lot bigger then the photos show?

And how the hell did you light that place??

... I actually though it was smaller then the photos made it look, that one room that is. But the entire place is friggin huuuuuge, get lost sooo easily down there. With junctions every couple of meters at some points. It really is like a honeycomb.

As for lighting it... You obviously haven't seen my latest torch, aka the portable sun. It was too bright for that place haha, full white outs lol. Mostly just LED torches.

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    • By Vief
      I can't say anything about this one, but it's a really big place. The interior is beautiful and looks a bit of Fatamorgana.
      Well the pictures speak for themselves....










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      just a quick one, not going to write an esssay on this one as it's been done a hundered times and i really need to go do some christmas shopping! visited with 3 non memmbers before heading to certain social event around the corner. was a banging day, wanted to see box for ages and from what i gather took in the majority of the cool bits and bobs down there, the robots, some cranes, the door and of course cathedral. Was nice going down with someone experiences as he knew a lot about the workings of the mine and would point out cool things that might have gone unnoticed, crane anchor points and erosion in certain places caused by the ropes hauling the stone around corners.

      History courtesy of http://www.subterraneanhistory.co.uk/
      This mine has been worked over centuries (probably back to Roman times) and extends many miles. It is located in the village of Box, near Bath. It was used to extract limestone which was used to build many of the buildings in the local area and had military uses during WW2. Box is now a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, on account of the number of bat species which reside in the mine. There are many famous sites to see within Box Mine including the Cathedral (an open shaft to the surface) and the robots (a large number of bricks which people have taken to making into robots and other things). 









      have a great christmas kids
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      The public bath, constructed in the style of Art Nouveau, consists of three pools (two for men, one for women). Additionally, it had several showers, steam- and public baths and even an own bath for dogs. It was opened in 1914 after a construction time of three years (1911 - 1913). In the same year it was shortly closed due to the start of World War I. The entry prices at that time were between 10 - 40 pfennig (former German currency).
      During WW II the swimming pool was protected due to different air raid precautions, which contained mainly brownout through covering the windows with curtains or cardboards. Some lamps and windows were also coated with paint. Below the consisted several bomb shelters for the nearby population. Despite all measurement, the building was largely destoryed due to several bombings. After the war it had to be reconstructed, which took around 15 years until it was completed totally. In the 1970s the number of visitors decreased steadily, due to a lack of investments, which made the baths more and more unattractive compared to other, more modern swimming pools. In the year 1994 the baths was closed and hasn´t been opened until today. It was temporarily used for popular techno parties in the 90's but the future is still uncertain.
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      Just a short but sweet report, it's certainly nothing epic to look at particularly but i think it warrants a report on here mainly because of its history as the only surviving georgian bath house/open air pools in england.
      Nicked some history from the cleveland pools trust website
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      The 'great and the good of Bath' played a major role in the original creation of the river-fed pool following an advert in the Bath Chronicle newspaper on 20th July 1815 asking for subscriptions from those gentlemen wishing “...to provide a place in connection with the River, where those who swim and those who do not will be alike accommodated ". Contributions poured in and the pool and buildings were constructed within two years.
      Built in the shape of a small crescent, it was one of the earliest examples of a ‘Subscription Pool’ – built with private money for public use. For decades the formerly-named ‘Cleveland Pleasure Baths’ were a favourite summer destination of generations of people from Bath and beyond. By 1861 this glorious open-air venue had become so popular that the Victorians added a children’s upper pool.
      Sadly the Pools closed in 1984 after public funds had been re-directed to the new Sports and Leisure Centre, but now the Cleveland Pools Trust - in partnership with the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Prince’s Regeneration Trust, English Heritage and Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES) - is finally making headway with its campaign to restore the Grade II* baths and reclaim them for outdoor swimming.
      literally just flew around the place with a phone for pics as had to dinghy it over the river so thought id reccy it before risking get camera gear wet, unfortunately the building was sealed with that filthy metal shuttering. as i say the reports more for the history side of a cool bit of english heritage+i got a fair bit of family in bath and surrounding areas who will probably be interested.


      Ta for looking
    • By woody
      A 6:30 start made sure the ten of us were down at the Quarryman's arms as soon as it opened and stood by the entrance, ready to go at half ten. 10 hours later and a few tired legs we headed home, four noobs hooked, six explorers in awe. southern section later this year

      first report, constructive comments welcomed!


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