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St. Margarets. AKA Z Rockets 25/9/10

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I am pretty sure everyone has been to or knows this place so not going into all the details other than its a deep shelter. Very quick visit with snaphappi and his son.





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Nice to see you posting again superwide. :) Good pics there as well from this well documented site, but don't let that discourage you - it's always nice to see it from someone elses perspective. :thumb

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Thank Maniac, I would post more if I could do more, but looking after 3 kids on my tod makes that a bit hard lol. Any daytime explorers out the, I am free when the kids are at school lol

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    • By coolboyslim
      Ok time to get some stuff up outta my large back log lol. History seems a little weak on this but im sure you know it by now.
      Explore : Ok took 2 atempts due to gardeners round back being nosey lol. And also the original planned way was sealed. Overall was a decent mooch @stranton joined me on this adventure lol. And moaned all the way. To be honest the classrooms where best bit ohhhhh and strantons now famous train lol. Anyway thanks to @Vulex for first heads up on this. Sorry i aint been posting much i deffo been getting lazy :-(.. Not sue exact date it was in 2015. Anyways on with pics.







      Found this heartwarming a single drawing left behind..







      I tried to catch the sunset has i did the street lamps came on. It created this lol

      Has always thanks to everyone for looking its very apreciated ..
      See you soon all.
    • By silverainbow
      Hello one n all, this has been eluding me for some time and every time in the past Ive attempted it either the tide has been in or I havent been able to get up there due to the entrance being 30ft up in the cliff, So having conquered it heres some history and a few pics !
      The beach at St Margaret's was seen as a possible landing place for an invasion fleet, so was well defended during the war and old photographs show barbed wire entanglements and a pillbox and this tunnel system still remains. It was also a crucial point as the powerful gun batteries were located close by, and would have been a target for sabotage. The tunnel appears to have been dug to allow guns to be placed in rooms cut into the cliff face, to cover the beach. The original entrance to this tunnel, located at the end of the esplanade, is now sealed and the only access is a rope up to the machine gun post in the cliff face. Inside, conditions are good and the majority of the tunnel is lined with tin on the roof and supported by bricks. Parts of the tunnel which are unlined still appear to be sound, although steps lead up to a second room, which has been lost due to erosion
      Explored with my Partner in cryme Dan and so on with some pics

      Looking back at the way in

      The original now sealed entrance, Thanks for looking !
    • By Wevsky
      First visited this site a year ago with one flew east but after a 4am start really couldn't be arsed to shoot anything in here as it wasnt doing much for my creative juices..So a year on we where in the area and myself,Spaceinvader Obscurity and Storm Popped our heads in to see how much it had decayed..still no access into the chapel but its been trashed even more..think it closed down in 2005/2006 ..
      On with a few pics

      Dead bird ..as you do...

      Not exactly epic but a nice wander for a few hours
    • By skeleton key

      A quality days splorin & a big thumbs up to all we met on the road
    • By Wevsky
      Did this originally in 2010 and have visited many times,my first report all that time ago i had just got my dslr and tbh the pics where gash and due to it becoming not doable when i saw some pics pop up thought it would be rude not to go down and capture the place again!
      Visited with UrbanGinger and Spaveinvader..Big thanks to UG for the leg up as i was slipping in comedy style ..
      At St Margaret's Bay there is the underground deep shelter for St Margarets 5.5" Battery. This site was the first one to use the unrotated projectile known as the Z - Rocket which was a anti - aircraft (AA) weapon. It was officially known as a UP or unrotated projectile. It was not particularly accurate, but the thinking was that if fired in large enough amounts an enemy plane just might get hit

      Just a quick pop back be rude not too