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Newbies from South Wales

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Just thought we would say hello... "hi"

We are from a little village called Abertysswyg in South Wales/ Love exploring together been to quite alot of places now too...always on the look out for more though!!! lol

Will get a few reports up on here over the next few days, hope you enjoy them

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Hi and welcome, I haven't been out exploring for a while, but when the weather gets a bit warmer, I'm sure I'll be out.

Really need to get over to cwm coke again and see what's changed.

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Well I only been there once but comparing it now to some of the great pics I've seen on here to me..it looks a lot different. I got black when I went, I dont know if thats the norm but wasnt expecting it.

We are well up for going back as we didnt get to climb all the way to the top so be nice to see the view !!!

If your from this area give us a shout maybe we could meet up...you could show us a trick or two?? (as we are quite new to this)

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welcome to the forums mate. Good to see you already have a few posts up. I hope you enjoy your stay and i look forward to some nice fresh welsh reports :thumbs

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  • Similar Content

    • By Fatpanda
      what a lovely find this one was, gonna keep this really short as i am using the on screen keyboard haha

      thanks guys
    • By hamtagger
      Calcott Hall
      The Explore
      Well, I'm a little behind on posting reports, 13 months behind to be exact. Mojo issues mixed with a busy year but generally can't be arsed with the whole thing. Normally this is where I'd write about the explore and what happened etc but I really can't remember much as it was last April and I've slept approximately 387 times since then. I had a quick squiz at @Urbexbandoned's report to jog my memory, to pinch the history, and to view all the items that I myself failed to photograph due to walking around with my eyes closed as normal. Easy derp to have a wander around and I think we had spent the previous few days sleeping in the car near, and inside of, a large hospital down south in Cardiff, then worked our way up to Shropshire and back to Lincoln on a lengthy road trip of derpy delights..
      This was once a Dairy Farm, built in 1725 as a Georgian Farmhouse. It's most recent resident was Ellen Jones who died in the 70's. I believe that some of her family also lived there as there are lots of bits of paperwork for a Francis Jones & a gentleman with the same surname.
      This farmhouse has more or less a written / photographic story of the residents who once lived there.
      Cupboards littered with bread and cake making supplies and ingredients showed the life of a typical farmhouse wife.
      Exterior buildings litter the farmhouse, some still being used today with the farmland scattered with cattle.
      Set in a beautiful little countryside, I cant help but think this really would have been beautiful in it's day.
      The Pictures












      Little bonus car in the garage in the grounds..


      As always thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated  
    • By urbexpm
      I've driven past this place many times but only recently realised it was empty as I passed it on a day out to explore, I know nothing of its history but deduce it's been empty around 5 years according to magazines found inside. It's situated in Mid Wales on a main road and the gardens are quite overgrown, thankfully this time of year the greenery is manageable! All doors were closed but thankfully one of them wasn't locked.
      There is also an outbuilding next door which I didn't have time to check out properly to see if there was access, next time maybe. Thanks for looking.
























    • By AndyK!
      A nice find by @SpiderMonkey while perusing the many chapels of Wales, this proved to be a surprisingly pleasing bonus for our Weekend...
      Capel Salem is an abandoned chapel in Pwllheli, North Wales. Built in 1862, the building was remodelled and enlarged in 1893 and is now Grade II listed. Along with the chapel, there are a couple of vestry rooms and a school room.
      The chapel was closed for around two years from 1913 and required extensive renovation following a fire. The fire was started by a local man who had tried to steal money from the chapel. He was unable to find any money so started the blaze instead.

    • By AndyK!
      The first of a couple of chapels in Wales I visited with @SpiderMonkey last month...
      Engedi Chapel was established in 1842 and built as we see it today in 1867. The chapel's most impressive feature is its grand classical entrance, designed by architect Richard Owen of Liverpool. Its organ, pulpit and pews also remain intact.


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