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he who must rome

Derelict farm Barnsley area 2011

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Day out smootching around for mines and yup !.....found this.....

Hmmmmm scatter gun comes to mind.....lock stock "n" two smoking barrels.........you know what I mean ?...


Don't think they want us to come in !.




Stairs to no where !










Time to hit the cellar...



Well !


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    • By (76)
      Visited during a road trip across the US late last year. Getting in took plenty of energy and ingenuity but it was well worth the effort!

      A couple of rooms hosted a very cool graveyard of technology

    • By lucan
      looking on maps i spotted what looked like a line of old cars and some farm sheds
      off i went for a look
      the cars have gone , i dont think they actualy had anything to with what i did find tho after all 
      i think they were more to do with the houses behind the place
      the last bit of paperwork i found was dated 2009
      any way enough waffle. and on with the pics
























       thanks for looking
      more on my flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/128166151@N05/albums/72157687420807965
    • By TheBaronof Scotland
      Day 2 of the tour..........
      After the win that was the CDC we decided to do 2 residential places, our first place was suspended due to the stupid amount of traffic outside of it, so we thought we would do Tapioca whilst waiting for the traffic to die down.
      For me this was one of favourite explores of the tour, just the right amount of aging and it really felt it was lost in time.
      Went a bit OTT with the 60mm but no apologies

      1 more location and day 2 comes to and end................... more soon
    • By waveraven
      Hey Guys
      Thought I would share a video from an outing to Redhill, Enjoy!
    • By TrevBish.co.uk
      Hello, not sure on the full history of the place. I have found a little bit of information from Google. Great little house with a shop at the front. Loads of things left inside.   
      The Butcher’s Home – Belgium  An abandoned butchers house in Belgium. There lived a family of 10 people! a father and a mother and 4 boys and 4 girls. The home was abandoned in 1994 and left ever since!









      Thanks for looking!


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