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Perjury Saint

Chance Technical College, Smethwick. Jan '13

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The Chance family started evening classes in science and art at their glassworks in Spon Lane in 1846 and in 1852 formed an education institute there which existed for almost twenty years. Other classes followed and in 1885 the borough council formed a school board to run them. Most classes were run at the higher grade school in Crocketts Lane. In 1910 a permanent Smethwick Technical School was opened next door. It served as a Junior Technical School for school-age pupils during the day and an adult further education school in the evenings. In 1927 it was renamed Smethwick Municipal College and in 1945 it became Chance Technical College. The junior technical school moved into its own building and was renamed James Watt Technical School.

I cant seem to find when it closed.


These pix were taken over 2 separate visits.

Splored with me besty NK on the first visit, where we were scuppered by a nosey 'Joe Bloggs' AND secca doing his rounds!

Still got a good couple of hours in though, was fun sneaking across the 'walkway' above secca sat in his car scoffing his sarnies without being spotted...

Second visit saw me sploring solo, bumped into 'The Leeds LOL Society' while in there (good to meet ya lads!) who unfortunately ended up being escorted off site by the local constabulary! Oops! No LOLs there.

Fortunately for me though I managed to sneak away and, apart from a couple of homeless guys and the secca, I had the gaff to myself for the afternoon.

Sorry for the amount of pix, lots to see!!















Film Studies...




Boiler Room...


And some other stuff...





Thanks for looking... :)

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I wonder whats going on here now, anyone know? I thought it was supposed to be coming down, but I never heard anything

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      I wont bore you with too much history, this place has been done before, and has been done better than my attempt. I just want to share some of my stuff, and hopefully get to know some people on the forum as I am pretty new to urbex.
      St Joseph's College, Upholland is a former Roman Catholic seminary in Upholland, Lancashire, England. The foundation of the large building was laid in April 1880 and college was opened in 1883. The buildings have recently been deconsecrated.
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      Great day with great people

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      This report is left over from a day out in Kent last month. To be honest the place is in pretty bad shape but it's easy to imagine what it must have looked like in it's hey day
      Splored with Skeleton Key, Priority 7 and Tstranger
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      Westmout College started life as a Jewish School founded in 1847 by the Rabbi Raphael Cohen
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      Thanks for looking

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      After chasing up loads of failures locally, Thompski and I decided to leave the shitty midlands and head up north to hit up a load of sites on a weekend roadtr0p fuelled on relentless and booze.
      Ushaw college (sorry!) was the first site we visited. History can be found at the usual source here
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      Right this was a spur of the moment find as the place we where heading out to just wasnt do-able,its a chapel from a closed down and well demolished college ,i assume the chapel is still there because its listed!well i assume!the college is long gone and rebuilt on i cant find any info on the chapel it self ,but its been there as long as i can remember!right no flashy right up !the place had seen fire damage at some point and was in a bad way most of the stained glass windows had been destroyed,but a few pics of the night are in order..

      it has been chav'd!!

      And for some reason a small boat inside..

      Right like i say wasnt our first choice but has been there a while waiting for a look inside to be had so we did