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House of fun -jun 2012

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i havent had time to find any real "solid" info on this place and i dont want to give half of it as it will ruin it

but as we walking on to the site we we heard "stop where you are!" thought it was police but turned out to be some teenagers warning us about a gas leak and that its really bad in the house (couldnt smell gas at all inside but on the outside it was really strong) we asked a few questions about the history and they were saying about it was a care home for the rich :dunno:


they lead us to this photo and apparently the bloke on the left was the "manager" and the one on in the middle was a millionaire

i have no idea if this is true but i went with it :)

if anyone knows any information please comment it i really would like to know the story

*(if there's any spelling/grammar mistakes sorry about that but is my dyslexic :D )*

full set :http://www.flickr.com/photos/samcain/sets/72157631525615090/


temporary roof



i still have no idea why people write these "messages" on the walls and doors :lol:


my mate trying to find out whether the gas is coming from outside or inside




looks like a interesting game


fire damage downstairs



love this shot


the remains of the bathroom


really creepy






love this chair


when i saw this i was so confused and still am :dunno::dunno2:



everyone has a hobby mines happens to be taking this photo :D


looks like a bit heavy for me :D



looks like it got hot in here


chairs :lol:


this isnt the first place i would think of to pop some pills :dunno:



evertime i look back at this photo i keep thinking about how long it must of taken to do this room withthe tiles

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I think ive seen this place reported on before

this shot rings a bell


Think maybe nelly or sk may have done this place??

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Interesting, there was a place close to use similar to this when I first got into exploring, I went back to explore it a few months later and the builders had moved in and repair work had started, I was told by some one it was a rehab centre for rich people with drug and alcohol problems, nice pics as always

Thanks for posting !


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Wevsky- this place had been posted on 28DaysLater and I know landie man has been here

But this is the first forum that my photos have been (OS and Flickr) :)

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Yeah I managed to get in but only got a few pics of them. I was playing around with my new flashgun :D

ah wasnt sure if they had been stripped out..got one you could add to this by any chance?

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ahhhh, I thought Id seen something like it before, really surprised its still there though, thought it would be long gone!

Nice pics chap, show us the rest :)

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