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Research into locations

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Research into locations is one of the most rewarding yet time consuming parts of Urban exploration.

Its easy to to sit back and tourist up the same old named location we see over and over again on forums

Don’t get me wrong many are well worth seeing as the way different people capture the locations can be so very different and enjoyable.

Also some are quite unique and rare others have fallen off the radar for a variety of reasons

But as a whole sploring is a contribution based system in which we all play a part in or we end up with a complete un balance and then end up hearing the words tourist or the Pez classic Wombles / Wombling banded around lol

Which is never good or wanted as crates ill feeling?

To that end I decided to just post up a few sites that can assist in finding new or forgotten locations that might help

Location scouting


Wreck of the week

http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3 ... =HAQHpVbdR

Find Government Property


So many more out there just a case of taking the time and effort :thumb

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Bing maps is brilliant


The OS overlay works a treat and there is a quick flick to the birdseye view to actually see the site

Yep agreed as fick between the two as surprising whats not there anymore depending on age of image s :thumb

I use it for following streams and rivers then having a look at the outfall

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Cool just tiered of people moaning about research and some early day steers wouldnt hurt

I know you cant carry everyone so maybe il put some bits together and hope it can help in some productive things

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that goverment property for sale is a belter ! thanks :thumb:thumb

Cheers bud just think its about time we started being a bit more productive but together.

Many hands make light work :thumb

Will post a more comprehesive list on the main ones I use & hope it helps some.

Most want nothing more than to shout hey some thing new on the block

so if together we can help each other it puts more in the pond for those that care and share :cool2:

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Cool just tiered of people moaning about research and some early day steers wouldnt hurt

I know you cant carry everyone so maybe il put some bits together and hope it can help in some productive things

I really do think that it doesn't hurt to help people out in their early days, like a little "Leg up"


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    • By Landie_Man
      So after a night in a Stoke Hotel, the car was thankfully still there... Me and Ben went on our way to the next site. I hadn’t actually heard of this one but instantly recognised it when I looked UP! I’d been wondering where that photo had been taken!
      The lovely but derped admin block is all that’s left of the Fisons/Sanofi-Aventi Pharmaceutical Research Site in Holmes Chapel.
      Bengers opened the site in 1937, then Fisons researched the drug Intal on site after Fisons took over in the 60s. The site was closed around 2004 when Sanofi-Aventi bought the site and built a shiny new place next door.
      The site was sold for £13,000,000 in 2012 and plans for Homes and a Shopping Park have not progressed.










      More At:
    • By Session9

      *** WARNING ***


      The UK pig industries Development Unit, just outside Stotfold in Bedfordshire was opened by Lord Belstead, Minister of State (Lords), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods in November 1984.
      Over the years it underwent many changes but was always at the forefront of research firmly aimed at delivery of practical opportunities, work which could be quickly disseminated and implemented on working pig farms.
      At its peak the unit employed 10 staff and had 300 sows. However major changes in the industry and a fundamental shift in the strategy of the British Pig Executive (BPEX) meant it was no longer needed and over the last six months of its life was gradually wound down
      The final piece of research work was completed in May 2007, and the site closed sometime in July 2007
      A BPEX Director of Pig Industry Development said at the time: "Stotfold has been a huge asset to the industry over the years and we are sad to see it go. "BPEX carried out a major review of its research and development and unfortunately Stotfold didn't fit into the new perspective."
      The explore
      I have been putting this off for ages and ages, despite living in snorting distance. I guess it never looked very inspiring and reports just showed a right pig's ear of place. Seeing a friend in nearby Ayrsley (i thought about asking if she would like to join me for a swell time, but tactfully this did not happen) meant there was no excuse, so off i trotted:

      1. This was the best part of the joint (sorry..).

      2. I like this shot, this brought back the bacon for me.

      3. This photo was a bit sloppy though.

      4. Outside accommodation for the less privileged swines.








      12. The remains of piggy abattoir, clearly this has been smoked.
      Ok, this mooch will not tickle every ones ribs, but i actually quiet liked it here and despite the main buildings in hock (i really mean lock) down, not a bad wee gander at something a little different.
      So, of i chopped (last one i promise), to have a mooch around the nearby Fairfield Hospital (now named Fairfield Park):

      13. Fairfield Hospital had the longest corridor at half a mile long in the country. It also had a very long driveway from Arlesey village and the then railway station which was closed and reopened further towards Biggleswade in the 1990's.

      14. A lovely old weighbridge situated half way along the driveway. That's about it for anything remotely abandoned here; there is a chapel that looks empty, but is sealed tight and situated right in the middle of busy suburbia.

      15. Opened in 1860 and closed in 1999, Fairfield Hospital (later named The Three Counties Hospital) replaced Bedford Asylum to cater for more accommodation.

      16. All the buildings are now converted for middle managers and the like, but back in the day all this greeted you. A full compliment of security on a pole at every turn. How i wish i had tried harder!

      17. Certainly impressive buildings and pleasing to see so much has been retained.

      18. Into the airing court.
      Many thanks for looking and thank god those pig jokes have finally bitten the dust (or the leftovers) .
    • By Serenity4
      So I heard about this place from a previous report so decided to have a look around. After gaining access immediately once we were on the site, we discovered that its fairly large, the corridors seem to go on forever. A majority of the floor has been taken up and there are random items dotted about in various different rooms. We also discovered a basement which we ventured into, which turned out to also go on forever. Away from the main building there are several small outbuildings with other junk and old documents. We also managed to find 2 of the server rooms.



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