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Hey Everyone!

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Hello, I'm Stussy based up in Aberdeen. Been exploring for around 18 months, hopefully get to know a few more of you a bit better. Seen various usernames kicking around "the others" and looking to do a bit more networking etc and hopefully wet my feet doing several explores in England possibly Europe this year!

Hope I can contribute to you site, with some of my crappy pictures :)

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Some really nice stuff up Norf, just a shame it's all so far apart!

Nice to have you here though, be really nice to see some Scotterish stuffs :D

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Great to have you on board buddy been talking to a few of the guys and look forwards to what you can contribute as with most forums there’s a lack of Scottish posts as we know that it has so much to offer.

Great stuff mate :thumb

As one wise man once said to me regarding sploring

“The egos and grudges really need to be left on the classroom so we can get out to the playground n actually have fun, since that is why we all do what we do!â€

oh yeh that was you :beer:

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so easy to jump on squeezyjet up to bonny scotland these days summer trip :)

Yep Defo kept trying to get up to see family at the end of last year and get some sploring in

but went pear shaped :o

Oh well its a New Year :thumb

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Welcome aboard Stussy look forward to seeing you contribute, it's all about taking part that counts mate so wouldn't worry about the quality of yer pics, some of us use camera phones, some point n shoot, others use Dslr's it's all about getting out n about and having fun !


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How do Stussy? Seen yer pix 'elsewhere', FAR from crappy mate!! Look forward to seeing some new stuff... :)

Really good thanks, how you doing? Hopefully got some new things up shortly, got a few new things on Flickr, just to write the reports up now!

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