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Hello everybody!

Just thought I'd introduce myself and say hello to all! I'm a young novice explorer from north Kent. I've been curious now for a very long time, and only started exploring recently. So far, I've only done a few small sites, none of importance, not worthy of report. I've joined up in the hope that it'll encourage me to start photographing sites, exploring more, getting involved more in the community, contributing etc

You're all an inspiration to a lot of people, including myself.

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Hello Young un, and welcome to the forum!

Firstly, age doesn't matter to us (Wevsky is really really old) as long as you come and enjoy yourself and take time to join in a little. Secondly, some of the smaller explores can be good, and don't forget we all started somewhere. So, take a little time to put one of you little explores up in the form of a report, and take it from there. :)

You will also find plenty of explores on here from your area, so look for clues, and get yourself off to one when you get chance. You never know, one of the old fogeys might take you with them one day. :)

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Hello and welcome aboard, nice to get some some new interest, its all about getting out there, getting involved and more importantly having fun !, Ill look forward to seeing a report or two from you :)

Great Avatar by the way


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Hi and thanks for taking the tome to say hello :thumb

Shush has pretty much put it in a nutshell to be honest :D

More than anything whatever you do have fun with it and stay safe.

I Look back now at myself in earlier days and the dodgy pics and even more dodgier locations

and cringe and smile at the same time because they where then and still are special to me.

Its about what we share together and having respect for each other as well as how we go about doing it.

Welcome and shout if we can help

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the warm welcome, suggestions and advice! Indeed, I am looking forward to having a lot of fun and visiting architecturally beautiful decaying sites. Been researching a fair few sites, so hopefully will have a report up soon! :)

P.s the avatar was a lovely summer sunset in Whitstable , thanks! :D

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hello there! what a lovely introdution..and welcome to our forum :) we all start some where and as long as it interests you and gets you out doing what you enjoy then nothing is too big or small..look forward to your posts..:)

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Hey welcome ! :D, start small on sites, get a taste for it and slowly work up to bigger and better sites, only do what sites you want to do and feel comfy with doing, have fun and take some great pics !

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Welcome aboard mate,we all gotta start somewhere,the comment RE: wevsky made me chuckle the resident oap..... pretty sure theres a few not to far behind ;) age is irrelevant to a certain extent unless you take cuddly toys everywhere and don't need a zimmer frame ya pretty much safe,main thing is have fun and stay safe lots of pukka places around kent area have a browse through the forum ,look forward to seeing some of your shots :thumb

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