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Auschwitz,Poland (visited 2007) 2013

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Not really an explore but for me,probably thee worst example of what man actually did to fellow man.How some people can deny what happened here is beyond me.I first visited a concentration camp in 1980 called Belsen..I have never forgotten the pictures of the unfortunates photographed after it`s liberation.

Where do I begin?

Main Gate I guess.....







The Camp Commander was hanged here in full view of his house over in the trees




We strayed away from the tourist trail..tell me this isnt what it looks like?I asked about it,and was told it was a fire pit...with diving platforms?


Dreadful place of execution



We are now a few miles down the road at Birkenau...had enough already


Demolished Cremators




Not much remains of the barrack blocks..the Germans did a good job of covering their tracks as the Red Army advanced



Everyone knows this view



Can you imagine using toilets like these?


That was and is one hell of a monument indeed,a World Heritage Site and rightly so.

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Thankyou for posting this report....very well versed and outstanding photos also...such an austere place..makes me shiver reading it,,yet facinates me also..just how? and why? could another human do this to another are my questions...both unanswerable to any normal personj...thanks again..very sobering agreed :sad2:

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Really great shots of a location with such a tragic past and more so in the snow :|

Nothing i can say other than walking around here with the thoughts of what was leaves little to words .

Quality Klemps all about documenting the past regardless of how dark it can be some times :beer:

Great shots :thumb

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Sends shivers down my spin look at these, but if we don't document it people will never be educated, i agree the snow does make it some how more saddening. thank for the photos.

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Lest we never forget the people that suffered and died for our freedom, it's a very emotional and thought provoking site, one that I plan to visit one day in the future, I think it's important that its preserved for the future from a historical point of view and used to educate others about Hitler, his evil regime of mass geneside so that history can never be allowed to repeat itself again.

Klempner, thank you for posting this, your pics are amazing, bet it was one hell of a traumatic day, thank you for sharing your experience with us


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Fantastic pics, a sad part of our history, and something we should never forget to insure it never happens again. Well done :)

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Great photographs, really capture the mood and makes you think what it must have been like to be imprisoned in that terrible place

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You've caught the feel of these awful camps well, your pictures are beautiful yet a stark reminder of the dark side of humanity. I nearly went to Treblinka when I was in Warsaw last year but didn't get time. Thanks for sharing this :thumb

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      I'm sure you all know this place first hand, it was a very popular place and it's had a lot of Urbex traffic pass through it.
      Visited with Rusty on a Sheffield day trip back in September 2011
      A real cool old place, I'm not sure of it's current status.

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      Sadly this place is no more. One of my first explores last year, it may please some of you to see non processed images from myself too
      Here is abit of history from Geograph:
      The Norfolk Lunatic Asylum was situated in Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew near Norwich. The architects were Francis Stone and John Brown (Norfolk County Surveyors) and Robinson Cornish and Gaymer of North Walsham. The County Asylum was intended specifically for pauper lunatics and was only the second institution of its kind when completed in early 1814. The buildings were originally designed for the reception of 40 male patients in April 1814, followed by female patients in June of the same year. Roughly 70 patients were present on average in the early years. Extensions in 1831 and 1840 allowed this number to double and more substantial additions in the late 1850s as well as the construction of an auxiliary asylum, which was completed in 1881, some 700 inpatients could be accommodated. The auxiliary asylum or annexe is situated to the north of the main buildings, on the other side of Yarmouth Road, connected by a lane that was carried over the main road by a bridge. In April 1889 the institution was re-titled the Norfolk County Asylum, and after its modernisation into 'a hospital for mental disorders' (with reorganisation into distinct male and female asylums) there was room for more than 1,000 patients.
      To read it all look here:
      Sorry no tripod So a few flash shots have been used!
      17 Hope you enjoyed thanks for having a look.
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      Thought I'd post my old stuff up seeing as Nelly promised to post me a greggs pasty in return.

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      On March 19th 2011, most of the world experienced a 'Supermoon' "A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon's disk as seen from Earth" - Wiki
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      All of these shots were taken over the course of a couple of hours and required extremely long shutter speeds of up to 5 minutes, but are all straight off the camera with no tweaking other than rotation, resizing and cropping.
      Enjoy Fullers with a twist....

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