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River Croal, Bolton - March 2013

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Work took me to Bolton today so during my dinner hour I decided to pop down the river Croal.

Quite a nice stroll with a visit into some of the buildings foundations (the pics from there came out crap).

The second section has a nice set of stairs but gets pretty boring after that,

As I came out there were UU workers all over the place like it was some sort of convention, not a word was said but I got a few odd looks :D

The River Croal is a river located in Greater Manchester, England. It is a tributary of the River Irwell.

Rising at the confluence of Middle Brook and Deane Church Brook, it flows eastwards through Bolton, collecting Gilnow Brook and the larger River Tonge at Darcy Lever. Most of the river is culverted through Bolton town centre, running under Knowsley Street; Market Place and Bridge Street. Before 1836 the River Croal formed the boundary between the townships of Great and Little Bolton.

The river's name is derived from the Old English croh and wella, the winding stream. It was possibly originally called the Middlebrook along its entire length as early references mention the Mikelbrok, (mycel and broc), the great stream but not the Croal.

It meets the Irwell at Nob End.







The hole half way up the wall leads to this


And into the next one





Then when I came out this happened


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I likem this sort of thing, shows you can explore and get great shots without finding places that are the epicest of ecpic epicness epicology!

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    • By he who must rome
      This was our second visit to this area, i have no history on this place all i can tell you is it is a stone quarry with 4 stone mines within the faces, there was a rail line within the quarry which went down hill to the railway for off loading there stone.
      on with the pics.

      2 of the ways in woot.

      A reet nice 'miners deads' wall

      hope you liked the pic's ill see what info i can dig up, to be honest im mowed under with work
    • By he who must rome
      As I can not remember if I posted this and find no record on this site This is a late post.
      After a few fail splores within the Boilton area This was the only place left. If it was not run by steam it was fired up by compressed air.....or held up by screws on d'a walls...

      There are many forms of engines within this cramped museum and if your lucky enough like I was i ended with a photo shoot and talk with Alf (Fred Dibnah's right hand man)

      After leaving here is only seamed fit to see Freds house, short drive later and been told £12 each we decided to grab a pic from the road side instead.....when i'm back in work I'll call again.

    • By Paulpowers
      Fucking hell it’s November already, this year has flown past.
      I was driving home and had a bit of time spare so I decided to bob down and get a few pics

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      Some old stuff from 2010 - a pressing plant somewhere in Germany






      A few more here: www.industriesafari.de
    • By Ninja Kitten

      I really enjoy all the big major epic stuff we do, but i must admit these little houses are my favourite, i just love them so much..This little place is so remote and just tumbling down back to natures hands.. a beautiful river winds its way around it..and the odd sheep that jumped out to spook me was all that was there..the only downside to the wander was i didnt have my besty PS with me and the only way to it was the river which ended up way way above my knees:) I hope you enjoy her as i did.....
      River Cottage.....