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Urbex Macro Bokeh 2013

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Hi guys,

Yeah its a mouthful and I'm straight out the gate on here. Thought I'd share a few shots that I have taken "wide open" using my 100mm F2.8 Macro on an explore (or seven) ;)









Number 4 was a permission visit :shock:



Thanks for looking, be interested to see if anyone else does the same on an explore.

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Oh thats another cracking thread Timster really love it thanks for sharing :thumb

Thanks man

mmm dat low f-stop !, it's a lovely lens to use !.. oh and very well executed i must say, thanks for sharing :beer2:

I just bought a 50mm F1.4 too which I'm looking forward to using, thanks man.

Nice shots mate..i like the term my wife came up with for me"in focus and blurry" much nicer ;)

Like that term Wevs - lol

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Youve defo hit the ground running with two cracking thread :thumb

Have a great eye bud :beer:

Thanks for sharing :cool2:

When posting just put a year in the title please as help on the admin side :thumb

Ta Timster :D

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Brilliant, i just love macro and thats superb
Thanks Lara
Youve defo hit the ground running with two cracking thread :thumb

Have a great eye bud :beer:

Thanks for sharing :cool2:

Just posted one more thread and thats it ;) - don't want to be called a pest after joining an hour ago :lol:

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I like, I need to get my 50mm out more, I've become a steady big room shot hdrist, this has given me the kick I need to go do more things.

I'd stick this more in nice DoF than macro though, still very nicely done!

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