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Belgium Chambre du Commerce, Sept. 2012

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A well known location that has been covered a zillion of times.

Still it's simply an amazing place that you should have seen, if you ask me.

I'm sure most people are bored of seeing this place, but well, I still like to post my pica's.. ;)

A little bit of history;

The Chambre du Commerce, or Chambre of Commerce in English, has been renovated in 1872 in late Neo-Gotic style. The original building was built in 1531 and carried the name "Mother of all exchanges". The renovation was done due to the fact that the original building burned down twice. Once in 1583 and the second time in 1858.

The architect of the renovation was Joseph Schadde, who was a famous Belgian architect that designed a dozen of other very prominent buildings, including some churches and castles.

The building has been empty for years and they started renovating it in 2012. However, in the beginning of 2013, it turned out there were some financial issues and the works stopped. :)

Looks like this location will be with us for a bit longer, for sure..

When we visited this place, I was simply amazed by it's beauty and it was difficult to make proper pictures with so many beautiful details.

I simply got distracted by this overload of amazingness, but still I'm not very unsatisfied by the shots I took that day.

Enough talking, here are the shots...

























































Thanks for watching!

Comments are always appreciated!!

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Thats a really nice set of shot and covered the place so very well :cool2:

Yet another great post from you as very well balanced with a great write up & pictures :thumb

Thank you for sharing :beer:

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Thats a really nice set mate,nice bright sunny day :)

this area


was so dark and grey looking and i didnt bother to get torch out to light paint it :(

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Thanks for those lovely comments all!

Thats a really nice set mate,nice bright sunny day :)

this area

was so dark and grey looking and i didnt bother to get torch out to light paint it :(

Yeah, we were soooo lucky with the weather. When we came in, early morning it was still grayish and not so cool looking, as you can see on the first few pics, but then when the sun came up and hit thru the roof windows, it was simply awesome..

Once again very lucky... :D

An absolute must do location when visiting belgium, if you ask me..

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