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UK Eastry hospital [visited 2007] - 2013

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Ah the good old Ill fated Eastry Asylum, my first ever Explore this, Some really cool shots :thumb I'm starting to see a pattern Suzy the majority of your locations are real close to me :D


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Thankyou, you probably came out with us lol mind you it was 2007, and we did something every month or week lol, very comical entrance under a muddy puddle and fence, and someone always gets the pic. Great fun though a certain someone had a white doc coat on with a stethascope, say no more ;):lol:

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I always find it odd, how some rooms can be completely trashed, and then there's something looking like its in great condition, like its been put the specially for us.

Lovely pics Suzy

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SK any idea what the sign means? there is a pic somewhere of someone pretending to be a doc and tapping my back lol, with a stethoscope in this place, we found lots docs coats, and cassocks. I so wish I had that pic it was hilarious, my daughter phoned me lol while we were in there and asked where I was and when I told her she said I think you belong in one, nice lol now she has the exploring bug, my other two think I'm mad and should be knitting etc, no chance. :lol::lol:

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Guest Scattergun

Some lovely pics there. Good to see there's still some stuff left to photo!

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