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Ninja Kitten

We Need Your Photos! All Members heads up here!

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As you are aware the forum is currently being revamped...I am in the process of designing the banner that heads the forum oblivion state... what i need is photos that depict what we do and what we are all about...and who better to ask than all you guys and gals!!...once we have a good across the board selection we shall chose ones that shall be used for the banner..so dig out all your favs and post them below.the is no limit to the amount you can post but do bear in mind what it is being used for and that writing will be placed ontop of it and possibly several photos merged into one ...heres your chance to contribute towards what with out a doubt is the best up and coming forum of 2013.. ;)

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Great idea!

see if there's something you like on my flickr, drop me a pm and ill send over a copy :cool2:


i like that approach i have many many favourites..

heres my flickr or my blogs in my signiture i really dont want to clog the page up as i cant choose which i like the best


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This is exactly what we need! amazing shots! however the idea is that you post your pics up here..im so sorry we just dont have the time to search through all the flickr albums,,its not the idea lol...come on YOU choose and post away :)

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      This place was alongside the road on route to another explore, the initial idea was to leave this place after the outside looked rubbish, but our target for the day was a no go, so we traveled back an decided to nose around to see if we can get inside.
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