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Ninja Kitten

We Need Your Photos! All Members heads up here!

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Guest Scattergun
i love the train one wow!!! thankyou so much for this set!

Anytime :) Glad to be taking part! And thanks :P

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I think I got to jump on the bandwagon with this.



Stay Tuned by darbians, on Flickr



Beem Framed Your Honour by darbians, on Flickr



Tower Sunset by darbians, on Flickr



Turn It Up...Bring The Noise by darbians, on Flickr



Light my fire by darbians, on Flickr



Shadow Monster by darbians, on Flickr



Open the blast doors by darbians, on Flickr



Left Or Right? by darbians, on Flickr



Wish I had a flatter head! by darbians, on Flickr



MG by darbians, on Flickr

Sorry maybe I got carried away!!!

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      Are we all done for posting our favourite photos on the thread " WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS "??
      If so i suggest you all take a peek at the photos posted on there and choose what you like best and post below...only choose one..and il get to work on it... cheers guys and gals!!
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      Information on this beautiful church is very sparse on the internet, but I have managed to find the following from various sources
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      The church had a bell dated 1594 but this is long gone
      On the inside the wooden floor on which once stood the pews is rotted and cracked an sunlight streams through several cracks in the walls
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      Research on the internet suggest that a planning application for residential use had been submitted but might have been rejected - probably due to lack of road access
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