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Potters Manor visited 2012

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Potters Manor or Steep Park House to be exact,visited on a very wet day..so terribly trashed on this visit compared to two years prior...





And there you have it,all smashed up..wonder what it is like now a year on!!!

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Such a shame, i was there not so long ago and it is even worst. I nearly went through the floor boards! Nice vid though :D

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    • By Mrbeardo
      Thought I'd post my old stuff up seeing as Nelly promised to post me a greggs pasty in return.

    • By Baldrickthecunning
      On March 19th 2011, most of the world experienced a 'Supermoon' "A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon's disk as seen from Earth" - Wiki
      Many of my friends from further North in the country said that on that night it was either raining or extemely cloudy but luckily for myself and King Al, the moon provided some extraordinary lighting effects and what better place than a local explore with some decent vantage points from which to photograph it.
      All of these shots were taken over the course of a couple of hours and required extremely long shutter speeds of up to 5 minutes, but are all straight off the camera with no tweaking other than rotation, resizing and cropping.
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      This is the newer of the buildings on this site. Only the foundations of the original building remain after it was burnt down shortly after this building was completed. Sadly there is planning for it to be demolished and rebuilt the planning has changed recently to a smaller building due to lack of interest. How ever I have recently learned a full restoration progress is being taken on.
      I have also seen images of a dancing bear which was a popular attraction back in the day.
      My first explore with company. A good job as I would not of got in like the others who have gone recently. Through sheer determination of the lady that went with me we found a way in. Yes we did get stung a lot!
      This is an amazing place but really is in a bad state.
      Big thanks to Zee!!!!!!
      Ground floor

      First floor

      Second floor

      A Bed Of Light by darbians, on Flickr
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      Few pics from St Martins, nice little shelter, could also be known as the nutcracker!

      Sorry pretty crappy pics!
    • By Frosty
      Nice place this! Visited with Fortknox0 Maniac Wevsky Obscurity and i cant remember for the life of me who else lol.
      Shame things have changed now as bits are cleared out...

      Thanks for looking!