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The ice factory - Grimsby

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Erk... ok

Firstly... let me clarify I wasn't calling anyone a monkey!

I guess my ignorance to the forum in general, and my poor choice of words,

have created a whole different context to what I was trying to convey...

And no I wasn't drunk, I guess I am just odd!

So I apologise, I didn't mean to cause offence and I wasn't suggesting breaking any laws either.

And I guess if anyone does happen to go get any pictures and want to share

them with project ice, best to contact them directly before I screw things up anymore!


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Guest Dubbednavigator

It does appear in this case that the troll perception may have been incorrect, so i shall retract my flaming of you.

Forums can be a very friendly place, but they can also escalate very quickly if you put the wrong foot in the door!

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I know a couple of people who have done it some time ago. Last time I was there ABP had stepped things up a notch.


behind the ice house there are loads of small building down tiny streets, quite eary...some used some not. but due to abp closing all the roads apart from one which has security on it has become a bit of a ghostly place

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