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A Place to Drink and Dance, Lancashire, May 2013

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OK, first post, be nice.

This place has been on my radar for a while now. Was bored one Thursday evening, so Mrs NNN told me to bugger off with the camera. Went out and as night fell, thought that I'd have a look at location access. Yep, was easily doable.

Went back the next evening, got in, and that was as far I would go by myself. My usual buddy couldn't make it the next week, so a local explorer on another forum joined me. We got in again and then discovered someone else had been in, as a ladder was in situ making life much, much easier.

A little, bit of History; Accrington Conservative Club was one the largest ConClub in the UK. On its top floor was an impressive sprung ballroom, again one of the largest in the UK. Its impressive facade belies the rather insignificant location. In later years, it was known as Churchills Nightclub, which closed down in 2004 following the death of a customer.

Since then it has been left to rot, a number of arson attacks over the years have taken its toll on the interior. The current owner has plans to demolish the building, keeping the frontage and developing the site into apartments, restaurants and a gym.

Have a look;


External by nicky_nacky_noo, on Flickr


Security by nicky_nacky_noo, on Flickr


Accringtons Premier Nightspot by nicky_nacky_noo, on Flickr


Going Down by nicky_nacky_noo, on Flickr


Ballroom Blitz by nicky_nacky_noo, on Flickr


Ballroom B&W by nicky_nacky_noo, on Flickr


Attic by nicky_nacky_noo, on Flickr


I've drunk in worse places than this by nicky_nacky_noo, on Flickr


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nickynackynoo has hit the ground running with a first post cracker.


Very nice indeed Great write and pics as always a win win combination.

Welcome to the forum thank you for the share

SK :jump

Edited by skeleton key

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Guest Scattergun

Bloody hell! You didn't half smash onto the forum eh? Stunning :D

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    • By Space Invader
      Found this place a ltttle disappointing to start with many of the rooms were plain white wash shells but then i found the staircase. Which made up for what the rest of the place lacked right on with the pics ...
      a little history...
      Thanet Place was a large mansion with gardens overlooking the sea, previously owned by the “Beef Baron�, Sir Edmund Vesty, which was 400 yards away from the old home. This catered for 24 residential & 20 day care children. All the suitable furniture & fittings were bought to the new house, even the memorial clock which ticked away for many years in the entrance hall of the old St Marys, was given pride of place in the new entrance hall. Though considerably smaller the new premises even had its own chapel.
      in 1982 Kent County Council withdrew its financial support for the Home claiming that at £1,600 per week it was too expensive to use, & refused to send anymore children there. A massive protest campaign to save St Marys from closure was backed by the Archbishop & Dean of Canterbury, the Bishops of Maidstone & Dover, plus social workers & head teachers, all supported by a petition of 4,000 signatures. Even the Queen Mother expressed sympathy in a letter, but St Marys finally closed in 1983, & downsized once again, and the house was made into an old peoples home ...

      thanks for looking
    • By Nelly
      Once owned by Essex MP John Archer Houblon from 1810 to 1820 and a descendant of the first governor of the Bank of England this has been on the buildings at risk register for several years.
      The following was taken from The Essex Chronicle.
      Despite the roof missing a quarter of its tiles and the attic windows being broken and open to the elements, locals say Mrs Jill Rigler still lives there.
      The Riglers bought the house from agents Cheale in 1995.
      On several occasions when the Chronicle called, only the growling of a guard dog through a cat flap indicated residency, and the stable block was in use.
      A neighbour said: "We get a lot of people knocking here to see if the place is for sale. We long to see it reinstated. Mrs Rigler is a very private person."
      Allen Buckroyd, Baddow's village historian, surveyed the property in 2004 and was shocked this week to see how it has deteriorated since then.
      Sad place "Compared to the photograph taken in 1925 it is a sad place," he said.
      "It used to be vibrant then with garden parties around the lake.
      "Now I can only conclude someone is biding their time to have the whole place covered with houses because there is a plan to so develop a field on the other side of the road."

      The this from a later edition of The Essex Chronicle
      THE former mansion home of a 19th century Chelmsford MP has been saved by a property developer. Neglected Pitt Place in Great Baddow - top of the county's at risk register two years ago - has been rescued by Douglas Carroll, who runs property developer Newells in Moulsham Street, Chelmsford.
      For years the mansion was owned by teacher Jill Rigler until Newells bought it with plans to return to its "regency glory".
      Baddow historian Allen Buckroyd, who watched the building deteriorate rapidly since 2004, said: "It's a house worthy of a lord of the manor and now it seems it can start looking like it again.
      "It is the most wonderful piece of heritage, with stately rooms and panelled ceilings.
      Mrs Rigler's son, John, said: "My mother had owned the property since 1990 but has never been in the position to take care of it in the manner it deserves.
      "My mother is a very private person who sadly chose to batten down the hatches and hoped the problem would go away.
      "We would have sorely loved to approach a body for a grant of some sort but would not have known where to start."

      In the garden near the lake was a thatched single roomed summer house

    • By Nelly
      Copford Place is a 18th century Grade II listed building in the village of Copford, 5 miles west of Colchester
      British History Online has this to say about it.....
      "Apparently late 17th century, a two storeyed, sevenbayed, doublepile house that forms the south range of Copford Place; it contains a chimneypiece dated 1698 and other fittings of about that date. The house probably then faced the road and was of red brick like the stable to the north. In the early 19th century the house was extended northeast by two bays to create an east entrance and given plain classical white brick fa¸ades. In 1947 it was converted into private accommodation for elderly people, and in 1980 taken over by Help the Aged which in 1998 refurbished the house as self contained flats"
      Explored this place straight after a Laurel and Hardy style explore at Severalls, I came away feeling disappointed with this house but then I suppose after Severalls then this was like a polished turd!!
      Sorry for the flash photos, it was boarded top and bottom

      In the attic room we found a squat. It was very tidy with no damage. It had obviously only been occupied by one person, there was a sleeping bag, his shoes, saucepans, a CD player etc. The sell by dates on the food wrappers went back to 2009, I felt sorry for the guy, I think that he may have come back to find the place boarded and fenced with all his gear inside.

      The Barn - This is also a Grade II listed building

    • By RossWAdventures
      I've code named this place as Meadows Cottage. This place is a hidden time capsule, with diaries and newspapers from as early as the 1940's. The most recent items had dates around the 1980's so it's hard to say how long this place has even been abandoned for. I actually explored this place back in May but have not yet shared it to the forum so here it is. 
      So this place i understand was owned by a old lady named Mrs Banning, unfortunately when she past away this was past to her nephew that lived in Isle of Man. He had no care or need for the building or his aunties items inside.. it's since become left to decay and nature reclaimed the building and its surrounding area. With the recent sale of the building the new owners plan to demolish and rebuild on the land.. but this is said to currently be on hold due to bats, now taking residency in the cottage.
      It was obvious the surrounding garden that was once overgrown around the cottage was recently cut back, making for a easy access. I was very surprised to find what we did inside just left and forgotten. Here's some pictures form the explore followed by the Video of the explore.






      Here's the Video i made from the explore:

    • By coolboyslim
      The Explore ...
      Got there after i nice walk from the village and was quite surprised by how big and cool looking it was. And at first it looked it quite good condition. But that soon changed. In i went cam ready first rooms where ok and in fairly good condition. The bar was great and the dome disco room was ok but badly trashed. Sadly the dome and been fairly smashed up. Then the scare. I went into another room with carpet and squish it went. Holy crap looked up and the ceiling to the bedrooms had a huge crack and water was coming through. I jumped back and thought damn explore going to end earlier cause its damn dangerous. However i said go for it but very very slowly. Found a nice staircase slightly away from the crack. Into one bedroom and another. The rooms where awesome and in really good condition well most anyways. Then the truth about the damage came. The metal fairies had indeed been and made so much damage that the floor was very very weak. To make matters worse the roof was starting to give way has water came in destroying all in its path. Even the fairies pulled out . I was to go no further but really wanted the money shot from roof of the dome. What to do. I looked out of the window and tested a few places it was squidgy and was not risking that until i saw a nice beam. I went for it and i will let the pics tell you the rest ENJOY.
      I know its one of my older things but not sure if on here or not. Anyway its bad there now and deffo dont look like this. Hell it was bad when i went lol.
      The privately owned Moorcock Inn Hotel and Restaurant, has closed and reopened a number of times under different management over the past 40 years. It finally shut its doors for the last time near the end of 2010.
      In 1975 it was put into liquidation after losses of £97,500 were revealed. Later that year, the building was gutted by fire, but was then fully restored and re-opened in 1977. Plans were submitted to turn the site into a development of luxury flats, but after a number of years of wrangling, the plans were thrown out and the hotel became known for fruit machines and discos.
      In 1984 it re-opened as a quality venue offering fine cuisine and functions. In 1995, permission was granted for 14 new bedrooms and a conference centre.
      The future of the once popular country hotel hangs in the balance after plans to knock it down and build three houses were re-submitted.
      Council’s planning committee turned down proposals to demolish it in November last year, saying the size of the houses did not meet local need and were out of keeping with the rural area.

      Said risky roof lol

      The self playing piano. Sadly now trashed

      On we go

      What was left of dome. Now wrecked even more.

      Hope you enjoy this. Remember this was early in my explore days and only with phone lol. Also changed up pics to add a little more exclusivity rather than a replica of other report. Think it means more like that. Anyhow thanks all for reading and looking.