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Guest Dubbednavigator


About time i posted properly!

The majority, if not all of my explores are already vastly covered on here and whilst i fully intend on posting them - i thought id do a "best of"

So, some of my favourite pictures over the years..

St Johns, Chelmsford


West Park, Epsom


Sleaford Maltings, Lincolnshire


Harperbury Asylum, Hertfordshire


West Park, Epsom


Marconi Radio Factory, Chelmsford


Marconi Radio Factory, Chelmsford


Severalls Asylum, Colchester


West Park, Epsom


And finally...

Sleaford (terrified)



Edited by skeleton key

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Guest Dubbednavigator

Im not shy to say i was petrified. Me and heights are not mates!

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Lovely explores and photos! That bridge looks like it could be my best friend, I just love heights.

agreed :D Temps, and lovely shots there !!

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Guest Scattergun

Well done for doing they questionable bridges! The second west park shots my fav :)

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Brave man for trying that bridge! Great locations, thanks for sharing :thumb

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Guest Dubbednavigator
Whoooa!! That last one at Sleaford!!! On your own!!!

Trust me, it took the guys i was with A LOT of persuasion....

See my grip on the rails? yea...

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