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    • By yonaguni

      The Scammel Mansion Yardly PA..orginal built in 1790s or so added onto though the ages..the scammel family made porcelin...I used to post on the WeirdNJ site but they closed the fourms..with no explanation so now ill post here..i walked right into this place years ago but now they have built up mcmansions all around it..dont know how accesable it is..but its still there

      ahh death

      I began filimg my walkthoughs because it show better what my experience was...then i began to notice voices when i watched the video later...such as here.. a door shuts on its own...too..let me know what you think...i find the same ghost evidence inthe day light..no walking around in the dark for me...
    • By Cozmic
      Got the coordinates for this place.
      Its an old church closed since the early 60's, due to communism I believe.
      A local artist has made all these ghost that represent Germans praying before the war.
      Its is one of the more remote locations I have gone to, the roads to the village were just rough tracks.
      _COZ8854 by
    • By Ghostpast
      My first underground explore, and i loved it. To bad there were a couple of Iphone explorers wandering around, who wanted to switch the light on :/ Kinda killing the atmosphere of an abandoned bus graveyard, but hey! It was nice, and maybe ill be planning a revisit.







    • By Wevsky
      As The_Raw asked me so nicely heres a report even tho i posted some in photo of the day
      Wasn't going to do a report as to be honest after tails of PIR's being present we kinda expected when was triggered for loud alarms to go off,so we avoided the area. Baron kindly told us he set one off and we didn't go down as far as the old stairs leading up to a semi built station as there was a "chirping " noise which seemed to become more frequent as we got closer.Turns out if the pir does go off it just flashes so we could have cracked on,But after the effort getting in a joint decision was made to pack up and get back to the hotel and grab some sleep
      This is an unfinished metro system started in the 70's i believe and is now the home to much old junk and many buses and old trams!
      A few pics of what we did manage to cover..

      Explored with Obscurity,Extreme Ironing,The-Raw and Monkey..waited a while to have another crack at shis so even tho we didnt cover a huge distance or find the light switch i came away happy with my lot
    • By Andy
      The town was founded in 1642 . Destroyed by an earthquake and then abandoned by the inhabitants in 1968 . Inside the houses there were still a lot of ornate ceiling paintings. However, I have not set foot in a number of buildings, because sometimes it was too uncertain for me because of the danger of collapse.
      However, I was there for several hours and many photos were taken due to the size of the ghost town.
      So - sorry for the variety. But I can not decide for individual images ...
      1 - The former market place.

      2 - Stairs to the upper town.

      3 - Wonderful ceiling paintings inside a (from the outside inconspicuous looking) house.








      11 - View from the marketplace to the main street of the village.

      12 - Statue at the marketplace.

      13 - One of several churches.


      15 - The main street.












      27 - It decays more and more ...

      28 - The ruins of the theater.